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The Autumn Lipstick and Lip Cream Edit

autumn makeup, lipstick, lip creams

Autumn is the season of the falling leaves, the crispy air and the pumpkin carvings. Oh… and of course my favourite Chai Latte… 😉 Bold lips, golden and burgundy eye shadows get all the attention during this season. It is that time of the year when we need to switch to our Autumn makeup

Autumn makeup/ best lipsticks & lip creams

I had to dig into my beauty stash few weeks ago and re-discover some of my all time favourite berry and mauve lip products. I love wearing dark brown, mauve and berry shades on my lips. For my Autumn nails I reach most for dark emerald green and deep fuchsia shades.

autumn makeup, lipstick, lip cream

Autumnal lipstick shades

Maybelline Super Stay 14hr Lipstick in Keep Me Coral 450 is a very unusual shade. I would describe it as a deep coppery brown with tiny specks of shimmer. It is very long lasting, almost leaves like a stain effect on my lips, and it is great alternative shade for this season. It smells incredible… the finish is semi matte but not drying( it feels slightly sticky, but nothing too major). This lipstick range is one of my favourite from the drugstore.

Inglot lipstick in What a Spice 443 is part of Inglot’s Autumn 2016 collection. It is the most beautiful mauve shade with brown undertones I have owned. This lipstick has a matte finish and it smells like berries (so yummy, right). The formula of What A Spice is slightly drying but after you prep your lips (use lip scrub and lip butter beforehand) it sits very comfortable. Inglot makeup is amazing quality and for the price tag you can never go wrong.

autumn makeup, lipstick, lip cream


Bobbi Brown in Razzberry 11 is a deep berry colour with brown undertone. It has a semi matte finish and it is part of Bobbi Creamy Matte Lip Colour range. This is a signature lipstick for Autumn/ Winter. It can be worn day or evening. I like to blot Razzberry with a tissue… This way it does not look as bold which is great for day out. Creamy Matte Lip Colours are not drying and they feel very creamy on the lips.

Mac Whirl A36 is a mid tone brown and it has a matte finish. Whirl is such a cool shade and if you are not into berry or red shades you would love it for Autumn. This nude shade will suit middle or dark skin tone. Whirl is work appropriate and it is great for your every day autumnal makeup. Even though it has a matt finish it feels very comfortable and hydrating on the lips.

Burberry Lip Cover Claret No:16 is by far my favourite autumnal shade. It is a berry shade with red undertone and it has a satin finish. I love the texture of this lipstick. This is not a sheer lipstick but not bold either. It is somewhere in between and it is day appropriate even if it looks dark. It is very long lasting and feels amazingly comfortable on the lips.

Autumnal Lip Creams

Topshop Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon is a deep red shade. The Velvet Lips by Topshop are a dupe for Sephora Cream Lip Stain. They apply like a cream but dry into matte finish. Velveteen Ribbon is extremely long lasting. Ones applied it does not budge. Velvet Lips are slightly drying so you need to prep your lips with a lip balm beforehand. But all the preparation worth it as this lip stain can last through the whole day/ night. The colour payoff is amazing and for the price tag you can’t go wrong.

autumn makeup, lip cream

Burberry Lip Glow in Oxblood No: 23 is a sheer berry shade lip gloss. I like to apply it on top of Burberry Claret No:16 for a gloss effect as they really compliment each other. Other times I use it on its own just to add a pop of colour on my lips. It is lovely lip gloss shade. It does not have that sticky feeling and it smells incredible. If you are a lip gloss kinda girl you should definitely check this Autumn shade lip gloss out.

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Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy 301 is a deep mauve shade with tiny specks of shimmer. Rimmel Apocalips range is amazing. The lip products are very pigmented and they have a great colour payoff. Galaxy is somewhere in between lip gloss and lipstick. It smells lovely and it lasts about 3-4 hours on the lips. Great value for money.

Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit 436 is a neutral brown with mauve undertone. If you are not into bold lips Birthday Suit is great alternative. This shade is so versatile as it can be worn all year round, at any occasions. Matte Me dries into pure matte finish. I should say that this product makes my lips feel quite dry (prep your lips for better results) so some of you might not find it as comfortable as other matte products… It is very long lasting thought. Sleek products are super affordable so worth checking it out.

What are your top 3 autumn makeup products? autumn makeup, autumn makeup 

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