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Blogging Tips/ My Top 6 ‘How To’ Blog Posts

blogging tips, photography tips for bloggers

Today’s post will be slightly different as I have grouped my “Blogging Tips” articles into one blog post. You might ask yourself why I have done this… This is because these kind of articles seem to be quite popular on my blog and combining them into one makes it even more convenient for you to find the tips and tricks you need or perhaps missed reading.

Blogging Tips /My Top 6 “How To” Blog Posts

Ok, now let’s talk about blogging tips I have learned in my two years of blogging. I am yet to learn so much more and of course share my knowledge with you, but today I will share with you my top tips I have learned so far to help you increase blog traffic, page views and build a successful blog.

Build Successful Blog

One of my most popular articles features some great sources to help you build a successful blog.

Top Powerful Marketing Tools Every Blogger Should Use

See, I should admit that I don’t have super huge knowledge in marketing as such, but these online platforms I share in my post has really changed the way my blog performs. This blog post takes you through some very useful platforms, marketing services and apps. Building a successful blog is not an easy task but gaining more useful information on how to manage and promote it can really gives you great results.

How To Boost Your Blog Traffic By Updating Your Old Blog Posts

This is one of the blogging tips that can have an amazing impact on your blog but not many bloggers put it into practice. You can simply update some of your old blog posts, by update I mean adding new relevant content and catchy images, and witness how your blog traffic increases. Of corse, you need to promote your article again, but this is super fun considering you can boost your blog traffic without writing a new content.

blogging tips, photography tips for bloggers

What is StumbleUpon and How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By Using It

StumbleUpon is one of the best social media platforms to drive traffic to your blog. It is a discovery engine which used appropriately can increase your page views rapidly. You can share your blog posts, ask fellow bloggers to stumble them or participate in promotional threads on Facebook and very soon you will notice what a great source StumbleUpon can be. Click on the link above for more information on this article.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Blog Page ViewsΒ 

This is another tricky one, which I didn’t know about when I first started blogging. The higher your bounce rate goes the lower interaction or quality you are giving to your readers. In this post I am talking about my top tips for reducing your blog bounce rate and some fun tricks to help you increase blog’s page views.

I get so many questions every single day about my blog photography. Readers tend to ask questions such as what camera do I use, how my images appear so bright and crisp etc… I am yet to write a blog post (or few) regarding my photography. I will take you with me behind the scenes and show you the equipment I use. I am planning to share with you how I take and edit my images, so stay tuned πŸ™‚ …

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So far, I have shared with you two of my photography tips which I put into practice every time I shoot for my blog.

Easy Photoshop Trick To Make Your Images Appear Brighter

This is super quick and easy trick that can instantly brightens up your already taken picture. You don’t have to play around with the brightness or exposure in the settings. All you need to do is add some Soft LightΒ to your image and you are done. With only few clicks your image appear brighter and the colours more vibrant. This is great tip for beginners as it is so easy and it gives you great results.

How To Create Crisper & Clearer Image For Your Blog

This is another super quick and easy tip to make your images appear crystal clear. Since I discovered it I receive so many compliments about my images. Β This option, basically, gives you the ability to make your images very sharp and professional looking. We all know that even if we use the tripod sometimes the images can appear slightly blurry or not in focus. All you need to do is click on Unsharp Mask and the fuzzy image will instantly appear more sharp and clear. This is another great photography tip for beginners. It is extremely easy to use and it gives amazing results to your blog photography.

Hope you find my blogging tips useful for your business and please feel free to comment if you put some of them into practice.

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