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Budget Buy/ Glamglow Drugstore Dupe

Budget Buy/ Glamglow Drugstore Dupe 1

As I mentioned in my December FavoritesGlamglow face masks are my favorite. I have tried GLAMGLOW SUPERMUDGLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD and GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUDThey are all you want from a face mask and I can’t rave enough about them.

Unfortunately, Glamglow masks are quite pricey, so I was head over heels when I discovered this 5 minute thermal DETOX MASK by Sanctuary.

A great alternative  if you don’t fancy spending a tone of money on Glamglow Supermud mask.

Budget Buy/ Glamglow Drugstore Dupe Budget Buy/ Glamglow Drugstore Dupe

It is Cosmopolitan Beauty Award Winner for 2011, so that speaks for itself 🙂 .

First of all it has that self-heating effect ones applied and the feeling is amazing. It is so calming and relaxing. It claims that this warming up effect, combined with the charcoal and kaolin clay, helps to open up the pores and deeply cleans your skin.

I am quite impressed by this Sanctuary mask. It is amazing product and for £ 10.50 you can’t go wrong. You can find it in your local Boots or Superdrug.

I apply it twice a week ( after I remove my make-up ). I usually like to apply a thick layer so it can warm up my entire face ( it is just the best moment ever ). Than I leave it for about 10 min while the mask naturally cools down. I like to wipe it with a face cloth and after that rinse my face with a warm water.

It does great job! My skin feels clean ans smooth. The beauty experts claim that this mask is mainly for oily skin, as oily skin is prone to blemishes. However I have very dry skin and it it still does wonders.

The only downside this mask has is that it doesn’t smell very pleasantly, but this has never bothered me. The most important for me is that it is an awesome product and it definitely worth checking out.

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