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Revitalise your skin with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye rescue review

Let me start this post by saying that genetics had played big role in my under eye bags and dark circles (mum has them too). Not only that I have dark circles, but I also have lots of fine lines under my eyes. Therefore it is really difficult to find the perfect eye cream and concealer. You feel my frustration now, right? I finally found a concealer that works really well for me and this is Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer. Few days ago I had some spare time and I leapt at the opportunity to purchase new eye cream. So here are my thoughts on the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Review

The bitterly cold days made my skin so dry, begging for moisture and hydration. So when Charlotte Tilbury released Magic Eye Rescue Eye Cream and Magic Night Cream I was pretty excited to purchase them and test them out. I am big fan of hers as she never disappoints with the quality of her products.

The texture

My first impression of Magic Eye Rescue is that the texture is rich but really lightweight. Little goes a long way and with a tiny amount of the product you can cover your entire under eye area. I start with patting the cream onto inner corner of my eye and work my way out. My eye area instantly appears glow-y and soothing.

I usually use the product in the evening before bed and I leave the cream work into the skin throughout the night. In the morning my under eye area feels very hydrated and smooth.

A rescue remedy cream for waging eyes in a pot. This miracle-worker rewinds the clock, smoothes out lines and wrinkles, brightens dark circles and reduces the appearance of bags.

Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye rescue review

The ingredients

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue cream contains natural ingredients to help you depuff and brightens your under eye area. The product doesn’t have strong scent which is great if you have sensitive skin. The main ingredients are:

  • Winter Daphne Stem Cells Extract
  • Retinol molecules
  • Olus Oil
  • Red Algi
  • Frangipani
  • BioNymph Peptide
  • Castor Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E

One of the ingredients, which is used in the cream, is Botanical Eye Contour Complex. Charlotte Tilbury claims that the rice and soy peptides reduce the dark circles and the puffiness around the eyes.

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The packaging

Charlotte Tilbury’s makeup products are little “stunners” which look gorgeous on any girl’s vanity table. The packaging of her skincare range is not an exception. Magic Eye Rescue cream has a rose gold lid and a solid plastic container. The packaging is elegant and sophisticated. Even though I don’t need the actual box, I don’t feel like throwing it away as it looks super pretty and luxurious.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye rescue review

My thoughts

Overall Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue is product which I would never regret. It deeply moisturise and makes my under eye area radiant and healthy looking. This eye cream applies easy and sinks quickly into the skin leaving it softer and super hydrated. I can not tell if it depuffs and reduces dark circles as I have been using it for just over a week, but it instantly improved my skin elasticity and reduced the irritation on my eye lids. My skin feels happy and revitalised. The retail price is £40 and it worth every penny as it is amazing.

Have you tried any of CT skincare? Your thoughts? Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Review

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