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How to improve your skin| Top colloidal silver and gold benefits in skincare

colloidal silver gold benefits

To preserve our beauty, the main goal is to take care of our skin. A clean and clear skin is beautiful. This reason made a lot of people do whatever it takes to achieve that beautiful skin. They use products like soap, lotions, and more for their skin care. colloidal silver and gold benefits

How to improve your skin complexion| top colloidal silver and gold benefits in skincare

For decades, scientists had done many experiments with different ingredients to discover effective skin care products. Two of their discoveries are the gold and silver based colloidal. Precious metals had been discovered to have good benefits on the skin. Nowadays, the benefits of gold and silver on the skin are taken into account. Here are their benefits


Silver may not be a popular metal ingredient for beauty during the earlier times but it plays an important in the medical world. Colloidal silver is used as an anti-infection cream for soldiers who fought in the First World War. colloidal silver and gold benefits

Benefits of colloidal silver

Later on, Colloidal Silver became a skin care product like colloidal silver Australia because of these benefits.

It is a good body maintainer. It can kill bacteria present on the skin.
It protects the body from germs and viruses.
It degrades the effect of harmful pathogens.
It lessens the effect of allergens.
It can treat acne and marks of acne.
It can treat pains in the muscles.
It is used medically as a treatment for insect and animal bites.
It can relieve minor burns.
It helps in reducing the marks left out by chicken pox.
It can cure skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.
It can treat skin infection of any form.
It is safe to apply anywhere around the body that has skin.

These mentioned benefits are only the benefits the Colloidal Silver can give to the human skin. As also stated earlier, Colloidal Silver has many medical uses. These medical uses include treatment of mono, flu, cold, and other related infectious illnesses related to the nose and lungs. colloidal silver and gold benefits


Side effects of colloidal silver

However, in every product, there are benefits and there are also side effects. Dermatologists recommend Colloidal Silver but they also forewarn some risks. Here are the side effects of Colloidal Silver.

It is dangerous when intake by mouth.
It is risky to inject into the bloodstreams.
High levels of this in the body can cause liver failure.
High levels of this in the body can damage the kidney.
It is a potential risk to the brain.
It can cause body discoloration especially with too much exposure from the sun.
It is not safe for pregnant women.
It can cause body deformation in a fetus when the mother intakes this by mouth or through injection

When side effects occur after application of silver colloids, immediately discontinue using the product. If applied to the skin, wash it off. Afterwards, visit a dermatologist for a checkup. To ensure safety, consult a dermatologist before using the product. colloidal silver and gold benefits 

colloidal silver and gold benefits



Gold is not only sought out for its preciousness and value but it is also known for its wonderful effects on the skin. Colloidal Gold is said to be used as early as the era of Ancient Egypt. Egyptians were the first people to use gold as a skin care agent because of a myth they believe in.

Benefits of colloidal gold

Researchers and scientists, later on, discovered that there is a scientific explanation for the skin care effect of gold colloids. Here are the roles and benefits of using colloidal gold in skin care.

It relieves stress when intake orally. Stress dehydrates the skin
It delays the brain in sending out anti-aging symptoms.
It prevents the skin from aging fast.
It can cure skin inflammation.
It reduces wrinkles.
It stops premature aging.
It can brighten the complexion of the skin if used for a longer time.
It can improve the skin’s elasticity.
It has the ability to rehydrate the skin for a more energized skin.
It firms the skin immediately.
It reduces redness on the skin.
It is an efficient carrier of other ingredients because of its ability to travel around the body fast.
It can double the beneficial effect of other ingredients once they made contact with it.
It is safe to use for infant, children and pregnant women.

With these mentioned skin benefits of colloidal gold, it is a no wonder why a lot of products now have gold colloids. Not only that, gold colloids were known to have other good benefits. One of these benefits is that gold colloids can improve brain health. Some even say that it promotes the IQ of the brain. It can also help in aiding healthy gland functions. It can also replenish and regenerate nerves.

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Side effects of colloidal gold

Like Colloidal Silver, gold colloids have some side effects too. This is the reason why a lot of people overlook their great benefits aside from being extremely expensive that is. Here are their side effects that everyone should be aware of. colloidal silver and gold benefits

It can cause allergies.
It can cause rashes.
It can trigger gold poisoning.
It can double the negative effects of other ingredients if intake from than prescribed.

As advised earlier, it is better to consult a dermatologist first before using the product. Health must always come first before beauty. colloidal silver and gold benefits

Both silver and gold colloids may have side effects but they are outweighed by their many benefits and roles. Just be sure to follow application instructions carefully. And, control the usage of these products.

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