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The minimalist jewellery trend to love & my signature dainty pieces

minimalist jewellery trend, dainty jewellery

Finding your personal style is vitally important… Representing yourself through fashion gives you personal signature and shows who you are. So can we define what exactly “personal style” is? This is when you “know your type”… And it is all about finding harmony and self-confidence. minimalist jewellery trends  

However where fashion leads the way, we follow- ether we like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, I feel comfortable with who I am and my personal style, but I love fashion. So I kinda rediscover myself with new trends. For instance, I would have never thought I can pull off a denim dungaree or some of them girly bag packs that were all over fashion blogger accounts. But I did and I love the look of them. I don’t wear a dungaree or a bag pack for the sake of them being trendy right now, but because they are so comfortable. And when I wear them, I feel good in my own skin.

This is exactly what happened with my jewellery pieces. Few months ago I would reach out for a statement necklaces more than ever. I used to wear chunky rings and I would regret wearing gold jewellery pieces. But this post would be the total opposite… So contradictory, isn’t it.

Minimalist jewellery trends is my new obsession

On my bedside table I have this pretty bronze dish where I stash my most worn jewellery. I bought it from Anthropology and surprise, surprise… The trinket dish is filled up with dainty necklaces, simple studs and delicate rings. I just love the minimalist jewellery look! minimalist jewellery trends

Signature jewellery/ the dainty rings

In addition to my dainty ring collection, I needed a piece which is simple but more textured. For instance, if I mix a knot ring or any type of shape ring with a delicate gemstone ring, they will compliment each other and I can avoid the “plain” look none is after.  So I was super excited when I got introduced to Rocks & Co. The brand focuses on creating beautiful gemstone jewellery. I am totally in love this 9K Sapphire gold ring. The design of the ring is simple and clean and the three gemstones give sophisticated appeal. The Sapphire changes its colour depending on the light. It goes from dark blue, to light blue and purple. It is gorgeous piece of jewellery and I love it paired with the rest of my simple rings.

minimalist jewellery trends, dainty rings

minimalist jewellery trends, dainty rings

If you are into minimalism and simple style pieces you need to check Oliver Bonas jewellery collection. I have been obsessed with their minimalist design lately. I purchased a bunch of rings, bracelets and earrings and paired together they complete the look while adding a hint of edginess. The Geo Diamond Outline ring and the Small Dot Ring are gold platted. They totally represent the minimalist style. These delicate rings are classic and versatile and I love pairing them with my 9K Sapphire gold ring. 

Geo Diamond Outline Ring • Oliver Bonas • £14
Small Dot Ring • Oliver Bonas • £12

The choker trend

Whether you are casual type of girl or the one who rocks high heels and blazer, you need at least one choker in your life. Don’t be fooled by the saying that choker necklaces are for teenagers. Nowadays you can find a wide variety of chokers, for any taste and age. You do need to be careful how you style your chokers though and make them look a “grown up” accessory. I go for delicate and clean look. I like to pair my choker with longer dainty necklace to create layered effect. My favourite shops for purchasing a chokers are Urban Outfitters and Accessorize. minimalist jewellery trendsminimalist jewellery trends, choker necklace

minimalist jewellery trends, choker necklace

minimalist jewellery trends, choker necklace

Cali Chain Choker Necklace • £14
Metal Choker Necklace • £16
Layering Choker Necklace • £14
Teardrop Black Cord Choker Necklace • Accessorize • £10

Signature jewellery/ the dainty bracelets

I like to stack all of my delicate bracelets on one wrist. The more different textures they are, the better.

The minimalist jewellery trend to love/ dainty rings, bracelets and chokers 2016/2017Click To Tweet

I have been pairing these two minimalist bracelets with my watch. I love how they compliment each other. Both of the bracelets are from Oliver Bonas. One is a chained bracelet with a ring design in the middle. The other piece is a bangle with a blue elastic. Both of them has a super unique design. The watch is rose gold Michael Kors with a deep burgundy leather strap. minimalist jewellery trendsminimalist jewellery trends, dainty bracelets

minimalist jewellery trends, dainty bracelets, Michael Kors watch

Pink Baez Micro Elastic Shapes Bangle • Oliver Bonas • £9.50
Alheli Round Stone & Faceted Bead Bracelet • Oliver Bonas • £29
Brittany Metal & Cord Bracelet • Oliver Bonas • £16
The minimalist jewellery are timeless and versatile pieces which can be worn and paired with any outfit. They are classic and their simple design delivers super girly look but with edgy feel to it.

*This post contain gifted item. For more information read my Disclaimer

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