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Eye Duty Triple Remedy Review/ Brighter Looking Eyes

Eye Duty Triple Remedy Review/ Brighter Looking Eyes 2

Eye Duty Triple Remedy Review

Let me start this post by saying that this is definitely my 2015 beauty product winner!

Eye Duty Triple Remedy  is eye treatment and it claims that instantly brightens and depuffs your eye area. 

After using Bobbi Brown corrector for over two years and repurchasing it multiple times, i decided to try something new. First Aid Beauty does such a high quality products ( i love their detox mask…read more about my Top 4 Masks here ) and i have been lusting to try their eye brightener in ages.

So glad i did.. It is an awesome product and there is no single day without me wear it on its own or under my makeup.

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Description: First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy is a complete eye treatment that instantly erases dark circles while delivering serious long-term skin care benefits to the orbital eye area. Upon application, it instantly brightens the entire eye area with a soft universal tint and light reflecting pigments that create an illusion of bright, smooth and youthful skin. Over the long-term, actives in the formula significantly improve the appearance of undereye puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. The unique stainless steel applicator, which mimics the shape of the pinkie, delivers micro stimulation to the area while flawlessly blending the product into the skin. The results are natural and youthful. Eye Duty looks and feels like a second skin.

Benefits: Eyes immediately appear brighter, larger and more awake with visibly reduced puffiness and under eye circles. Over time, fine lines and wrinkles become softer and less pronounced for a more youthful appearance.

Key Active Ingredients:

– Retinyl Palmitate and GABA: Minimise fine lines and wrinkles.
– Glycerin: Hydrate and plump the skin.
– Caffeine and Licorice Root: Diminish Dark Circles.
– Coralline Extract: nourish and condition.
– FAB Antioxidant Booster: Combat free radicals.

I have said it in my previous posts that my under eye area is my weakness when it comes to beauty and confidence. I have pretty bad dark circles as well as puffy eyes and on top of that i have a lot of fine lines concentrated on this exact area. Sounds like a nightmare, right? I feel conscious about my under eye area and i always applying eye brightener, corrector or concealer under my eyes. I like to do a lot of research and test different products to find the perfect one for me. 

My thoughts: This products instantly brightens up my area. I am obsessed! I wear it on its own if i have a “no makeup day” or under my concealer. It has a metal applicator and after i squeeze the product out i blend it in circular motions. Than i dab it with my finger so the product sinks fully into the skin. You can use it under your brow for some extra luminosity, but i have not tried this method yet. According to the depuff benefits i would say i have not noticed any improvement. So if you are looking for very effective depuff product i will not recommend it for you.

But it is the best product ever if you want to brightens up your eye area and if you want to achieve the effect of bigger and wider open eyes. Does it reduce the appearance of my fine lines? 100% yes, yes… Guys i literally can’t rave enough this product…

Because of my fine lines the concealers usually crease on me pretty bad after a while. And because i have extremely dark circles, after few hours or so the concealer starts to fade away and i always end up being disappointed of the way i look… Eye Duty Triple Remedy does not crease on me! The secret is that i do not apply under eye cream beforehand. So after i wash my face i apply it, let it sinks properly into my skin and it does not budge. And it truly looks like a second skin, without any traces of fading or creasing. If i am in a mood i use my Beauty Blender to apply my concealer on top, spray with a setting spray and “Hello perfection!”

P.S. Pls if you give this product a go, to get the best results, do not apply under eye cream ( it did crease on me after i used under eye cream, so just avoid it…) and use a setting spray to not allow the product to settle into fine lines.


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