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Have Healthy Hair With Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo

Have Healthy Hair With Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo
Have Healthy Hair With Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo

 How to have healthy hair with Curly Wurly

I am calling all curly and non-curly girls out there (boys can join us too 🙂 )… Curly Wurly Lush Shampoo is the best products if you want to have healthy hair, looking shiny and nourished.

I actually bought this shampoo for my five years old boy. He is mix raced and his hair has these pretty curls which I adore… This kind of hair needs an extra care and to make it feel soft and create a nice curls you need rich shampoo that will deep condition the hair.


Despite the fact that it is very rich shampoo I decided to give it a try. I have quite fine hair (it is straight too) and I have always been sceptical when it comes to thick shampoos as they can really weigh my hair down.

Me and my son were blown away by this shampoo… It is the best shampoo if you want to have healthy hair…

I love the fact that it is made of all natural ingredients. It contains coconut, fresh papaya, fresh organic lemon juice, fresh organic free range eggs, cocoa butter and few natural oils which help for your hair elasticity.

Lemon and papaya juice contain fruit enzymes to deeply clean the hair, leaving it feeling fresh. We’ve then used plenty of dessicated coconut and coconut oil, both rich in proteins and natural oil. We’ve added jojoba oil, a light oil which offers moisture and shine to the hair, while organic extra virgin olive oil helps to strengthen.

After I used Curly Wurly Lush shampoo on my son, his hair instantly felt softer and shiny. The curls look more defined and so pretty. My hair really enjoyed that moisture boost, but I wouldn’t recommend it for every day use if your hair is as fine as mine.

This shampoo is great for frizzy curly hair as it gives the curls definition and it makes them really bouncy. If you have straight hair and you want to keep it moisturised and its best condition I would recommend using this coconut shampoo ones a week.

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When I first saw this shampoo in the store the only thing that came up in my mind was “What the hell is this? Is this really a shampoo?” Well, the texture of this product is so weird and you would never expect this to be a hair product. It is very thick and you can see tons of coconut bits in it. Ones it is applied on the hair it lathers perfectly and it is very easy to wash off. The only concern I have is the containing coconut bits in it. Sometimes few get stuck in my boy’s hair, so I am not sure how this can work on long curly hairs. I read few customers reviews and some of the girls had issue with having the coconuts getting stuck in their thick hairs. So just be aware of this…

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The smell is divine! Pretty strong at first, but after you use it, it leaves your hair with delicate scent of coconut and honey (I don’t know why honey, but it really remind me of it every time I open the pot).

Overall I think it is awesome product to have in your day to day hair routine. If you want shiny and bouncy curly hair or if you want to get rid of the dry and frizzy hair you should definitely give this product a go. One of Lush best products to help you keep your hair healthy and happy.