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How to detox your skin | 5 easy and very effective ways for clear and healthy skin

how to detox your skin, healthier skin, youthful skin

Detoxifying  your skin should be seriously considered as a pathway to healthy skin. As the skin is the largest organ of the body, it is continually bombarded by pollutants and dirt through the environment. That kind of ongoing exposure can result in clogged pores as well as other skin issues. Diet and aging also play a large part in what affects the skin. Detoxifying is one way of eliminating problems that can occur because of environmental exposure, diet and ageing. how to detox your skin

How to detox your skin in 5 easy steps

Depending on the condition of your skin, detoxifying can be done every day, once a week, or over a period of time. Utilising a regular routine can brighten skin, reduce inflammation and diminish conditions like acne and other related skin problems. Therefore with just a few important changes in the diet and effective care, your skin will appear healthy and youthful looking.

A routine that deals with detoxifying the skin effectively and efficiently should involve actions that include:

Drinking filtered water

Any skin detoxification program should include the consumption of a little over 3 quarts ( 3 liters) of filtered water a day. This amount will help to clear the kidneys, maintain normal blood pressure and retain healthy skin.

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 Detoxifying Diet

Besides adequate amounts of filtered water, another way to detoxify the skin on a daily basis is through diet. A diet that restricts consumption of refined sugar, processed foods and unhealthy fats is a good way to initiate detoxification. When refined sugar accumulates in the bloodstream, it damages proteins like collagen and elastin. In order to maintain healthy skin and keep it firm and supple:

– eat fruits and vegetables in moderation

– limit supplemental sugar to no more than 10% of calories

– watch for sugars in prepared foods

– check nutrition labels on products for sugar content

– avoid high fructose corn syrup that is found in sodas, drinks, breads, crackers and snacks

– choose smart protein selections, like hormone-free grain fed beef, poultry, and omega-3 rich fish choices, such as salmon

– choose organic dairy products

– eat nuts and seeds for snacks

– take in healthy fats through omega-3 fatty acids, olive oil, coconut oil and other healthy fats

– eat alkaline-forming foods (almonds, apples, kale, lemons, parsley and pears) to combat acid imbalance in the body and promote alkalinity to maintain mineral balance

how to detox your skin, healthier skin, youthful skin

Dry Skin Brushing

Skin brushing with a long-handled natural bristle brush is an overall treatment for skin detoxification. Dry brushing not only improves circulation, but it invigorates the body’s lymphatic system while it clears toxins. It also helps in the reduction of water retention and cellulite while it exfoliates dead skin cells and brings new skin to the surface.

The same effects of dry brushing can be accomplished through the use of natural salt or sugar scrubs that contain essential oils such as almond and grape-seed oil.

Dry brushing or salt/sugar rubs should be done over a period of time. The following directions can be used for both dry brushing and salt/sugar scrubs infused with essential oils:

– when: in the morning before showering

– how: gently towards the heart

– to start: from the bottom of feet and work up the legs to arms and hands

– to end: the rear end area of the body last and go up the entire back and finish with

the stomach by brush in a counterclockwise direction

– once brushing is completed, rub an essential oil that is detoxifying, such as sesame oil over the body. Allow it to sink in for at least five (5) minutes before showering.

Daily Face Cleansing and Exfoliating

A detoxifying facial cleanser that frees the skin of impurities should be used daily. You should choose a cleanser that is natural, chemical-free and pH balanced. Therefore avoid harsh soaps and abrasive scrubs.

Essential oils are also effective as detoxifying facial cleansers or exfoliators. Sloughing away dead skin cells on a daily basis with a gentle exfoliator is much better for the skin than an abrasive scrub used once a week. how to detox your skin

With the use of a daily natural exfoliating product or essential oil blend such as lavender, frankincense, lemon, and other citrus based oils, mixed with plant-based liquid castile soap, skin can be detoxified and gently exfoliated on a daily basis.

Detox Serums and Clay(s)

In addition to daily facial cleansing and exfoliating, we should always include a detox serum product with chelators. This will protect, detoxify and prevent further impurity buildup and damage to the skin. Chelator serums will help counteract the effects of heavy metal absorption from the environment. You should apply the serum under a moisturizer that contains antioxidants as well as a sunscreen that contains a SPF of at least 15. how to detox your skin

A more intense detoxifying regime would include utilising a clay mask at least once a week. Clay will pull out impurities and it will deeply detoxify your skin. Clay can be drying to the skin, so depending on skin type and the clay used, clay masks should be used in moderation. how to detox your skin

Detoxifying the skin is an ongoing process that should probably occur on a daily basis with regular treatments. Treatment effects will vary depending on the type of skin and condition. However detoxifying can be valuable when it is done in conjunction with a healthy diet and the right product selections.

*This is a guest post written by Sally Wong

About the author

Sally Wong is a native of China and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. She credits her extensive knowledge of essential oils to her Chinese grandmother who Sally visits several times a year and also consults with concerning essential oils and their healing properties. As Sally says, “If you are sick, see a doctor, but perhaps my tips with essential oils just might lighten your pain and troubles as well as help you relax.”

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