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How to overcome self-doubt and learn to value your accomplishments

How to overcome self-doubt and learn to value your accomplishments
How to overcome self-doubt and learn to value your accomplishments

Throughout my years of adulthood, I have found myself trapped in endless thoughts. Thoughts about serving purpose in life and being able to devote my life to good causes. how to overcome self-doubt

My mum used to say that I live in my own world. And now, in my early thirties, I know what she meant years back. When I was a child it used to be difficult for me to fit in the box that most people would expect me to. I have always had my own views which most of the people wouldn’t understand.

How to overcome self-doubt and learn to value your accomplishments

Being a perfectionist, I always strive for more. Therefore I would do anything to get things done in a day, few hours or even minutes. When I say “things”, I mean make the house spotless clean, spend quality time with my son, go to work and find time for blogging. And when I am not able to do so, I feel overwhelmed with failure. I constantly overload my life!

Simplify your life

The endless tasks I set for the day drains me out. When I am not able to complete all of them, I feel guilt and I stop appreciating any of my accomplishments. Simplifying my life brings clarity and piece to my mind. I am in process of learning how to appreciate the little things in life. I understand that I take things for granted and I don’t see the value in them. how to overcome self-doubt

Even though life can be tough sometimes, I learnt to acknowledge my success, no matter how small it is. I am happy with who I am and what I have accomplished so far. For instance, Ninzbeauty is not (and may never be) the successful blog I wish it can be, but I know I put my most ability into it. Or I know my job doesn’t provide for a luxurious lifestyle, but I love it. I feel happy and complete.

Learn to practice self-love

You should try to eliminate any self-doubt and learn to value yourself. You should start this by defining who you are. Getting to know yourself will help you build confidence and make you proud of who you are.

Throughout the years I have learnt to acknowledge my beliefs and views. Nowadays, I can easy set guidelines to make the right choices; I have clear idea of what I can achieve. Therefore I learnt to be realistic and set goals that are not beyond my abilities. If you are able to do this, you will be able to overcome any negative thoughts and feel happy, valuable person.

how to overcome self-doubt, achieve goals, value accomplishmentsMeet positive minded people

You should’t set any boundaries when it comes to your family and friends. Meeting positive minded people and people that love you, can really help you deal with stress. You should invest more time in people who love you and communicating with them is the key. how to overcome self-doubt

My parents are my role models. They have always been very supportive and I love them to bits. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. So you should always allow your friends and family to be around you when you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be ashamed to seek advice. They will give you the best one! They will always give you support and help you achieve your goals for the day.

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Stop comparing yourself to others

This is my biggest issue when it comes to understanding my achievements. I always compare myself to others. And not everyone general, but only to people who have succeeded more than me. And guess what? My confidence gets low and often I criticise myself. Nowadays I live with this mindset that everyone focuses in different things in life. This is because people has the choice to prioritise and think what really matters to them. Some people rather have children at young age and focus on them. Others, strive for career. It is all okay if that makes you happy and complete.

So each morning you should think about your purpose of the day before you get out of bed. You should only set goals you know you can achieve. Yes, you can challenge yourself sometimes, but don’t make yourself struggle. And remember that is is okay for someone to have more potential than you, because life has many aspects, and you have more potential than someone else.

Learn to switch off and remember there is always tomorrow

This plays a big role in my day to day life. I live like there is no tomorrow. And unfortunately, I realise it at the end of each day, after a lot of stress and rush.

Few weeks ago I decided to challenge myself. As always I set my goals for the day, but I promise myself one thing. When my day become hectic, I will stop, take a breath and calm my mind. And I did it! And it worked! After that I realised that it is okay if I am not able to complete all of my tasks throughout the day. So I learnt to prioritise and find balance in my life. how to overcome self-doubt

Therefore you can try to complete your tasks for the day and if you are not able to manage it all, leave some for tomorrow. Than you can run a hot bath and enjoy your Me-time; you can burn candles and watch your favourite movie. After you destress, you will instantly notice the amazing impact this has on your life. You will become to smile more, feel more positive and beat self-doubt.


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