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The rule, the product and the treatment that will get your skin beach ready this Summer

how to prepare your skin for summer, skin tips

I always feel sentimental when my summer holiday approaches. I end up having mixed emotions because if my seaside adventure has a beginning, I know that in a week time it will come to an end. There always will be a discussion if the sunlight is harmful or helpful. Our skin needs vitamin D but on the other hand the strong sunlight can damage it through burning. However to have a beautiful complexion my skin needs plenty of light. It looks fresher and healthier when is exposed to sunlight. So… I will never stop loving my beach holidays. All I need to do is simply prepare my skin for those hot days. how to prepare your skin for summer

With that being said I have no time to waste and get my skin beach ready as my trip is coming very soon.

How to prepare your skin for Summer | 3 tips to get your skin beach ready

1.Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy\ balanced diet

Drinking water is important all year round but it is essential to prepare your skin before it hits the high UVA. We all know that the sun can give our skin premature ageing so drinking plenty of water few weeks before the sun exposure can be beneficial. I always see a difference in my skin after I start drinking water more regularly. It clears up my skin and it keeps is hydrated and dewy looking.
Some food influences how quick your skin burns while out on the sun. Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which can reduce the potential of sunburn. Strawberries and watermelon are great summer picks. They are rich on antioxidants and vitamin C to help your skin while exposed to the sun.

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2. Exfoliate your skin

I tent to change my skincare regime when my beach holiday approaches and I start exfoliating more regularly. The sun, the sea salt and the sand makes it very dry and flakey so a good scrub is a must-have. I reach out for gentle exfoliators as my skin is sensitive but if you have normal/oily skin you can easily go for more “rough” scrubs. My complexion appear radiant and glow-y after each use and I feel more confident and bikini-ready. how to prepare your skin for summer

If you like to enjoy the sea view while sitting under your umbrella, you can always self-tan and don’t expose your skin to the sun. This is another reason why you should exfoliate. Exfoliating is the perfect way to prepare for self-tanning, as it will ensure a more even colour.

how to prepare your skin for summer, skin tips

3. Tighten your skin with laser treatment

Laser treatments are something I wasn’t very familiar with. However I did some research and I found really interesting facts about them.
As we age, our skin stops producing collagen which normally heals and replaces damaged cells. The lack of collagen and elastin allow the skin to stretch and become thin.
Laser skin tightening uses a specific spectrum of light to target certain cells. It heats the skin cells in the deeper part of the skin which in turn causes the skin to tighten.
Laser treatments have become very popular in the last couple decades. However you can’t find laser machines for sale at yard sales or flea markets. The equipment is expensive and those who use it must be trained in how to operate them safely and effectively. Therefore medical spas, aesthetic spas, and cosmetic clinics are the best places to go for the procedure. This sounds like a great way to indulge and treat yourself. how to prepare your skin for summer

So get your skin beach ready, starting few weeks before your summer holiday. Exfoliate and lotion your skin everyday; boost it with as much hydration as possible. To fully restore your skin you can always reach for laser treatment. This will give you the maximum result of glowing, youthful and firm skin.

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