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6 Easy Ways To Instantly Destress And Uplift Your Mood

how to relieve stress

I am beginning to realise how important stress relief is for my body and mind. Being a busy mum and doing my best to make everybody around me feel good can be overwhelming. I tend to overthink the majority of the time… Therefore, learning how to switch off play a big role in my day to day life. As I have gone older I have developed some skills on controlling my thoughts and emotions. I have also learnt how to easily let go and how to relieve stress after a long day.

How to relieve stress in few simple steps

I am one of those women who loves having “Me” time. This is the time when I am allowing myself to reduce stress and boost my body and mind with energy for the next day.

Pamper yourself with a relaxing soak in the bath

Taking bath can instantly help you relax your body. I love burning candles while in the bath and I make sure to keep the lights off. My favourite candle at the moment is by Neal&Wolf. The scent is perfect for meditation or cosy winter night. Listening to relaxing music can help you destress. However, for overanalysing minds like mine, this is not an ideal option. I like to watch something that I enjoy while I am in the bath. It really helps me overcome distracting thoughts.

how to relieve stress


Record your thoughts and feelings in a diary

Writing down your thoughts can have an instant positive impact. I don’t have an explanation why and how, but doing this makes you feel so much better. I love buying pretty stationary so this is another reason why I record my thoughts and feelings. By doing this, I find better solutions for my problems.  Sometimes I would go back and re-read what I have put down on my piece of paper and realise that the problem is smaller than I thought. how to relieve stress

Find hobby and make the most out of it

You can define anything as being a “hobby” as long as it brings a positivism in your life and you always find time for it. Starting this blog helped me so much to overcome distracting thoughts and negative emotions. Connecting with fellow bloggers and readers helps me so much to destress after a long day. For you, this can be joining a yoga class, reading a book snuggled in bed or simply colouring in a colouring book for grown-ups. how to relive stress

Simplify your life

Nowadays life can be pretty busy and overwhelming. Don’t you think sometimes that the more we aim for, the more stressful life becomes. Even though we all strive for great achievements and success, sometimes is best if we just let go. You can still set up a goals, but try to complete them in “slow motion”. So a nice walk out to the park to enjoy the nature or a quick sniff of the flowers next time you are outside can help you relax and uplift your mood. Simple steps like meditation and taking a deep breath while you in contact with nature can make you feel more positive and less stressed in life.

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Meet positive minded people

Even though I am a “Me” time lover I sometimes like to destress by meeting positive minded people. This is mainly in Spring and Summer when I can enjoy their company out in sunny day. Being surrounded by people with positive attitude can instantly uplift your mood. Finding the people with same interests as yours will help you maintain a positive frame of mind and keep the smile on your face for longer. how to relieve stress

It is okay if you can’t get it all done

To stop feeling overwhelmed you need to remind yourself that it is okay if you can’t complete all of your tasks in one day. We all live busy and demanding lives. But does it have to be that way? It is okay if you have a takeaway instead of cooking the perfect dinner. It is alright if you go to bed without taking your makeup off… Therefore letting loose, every now and then, is a great stress relief and one of the best ways to help you focus on relaxation and mindfulness.

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