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4 Ways to save money on makeup even if you are beauty addict

how to save money on makeup

Since I moved into our new house my budget has been really tight. I am no longer able to buy all of the new released lipsticks or eye shadow palettes out there. Sometimes I feel frustrated but on the other hand, the struggle made me appreciate the beauty products I already own even more. how to save money on makeup

Don’t get me wrong, I love my new place. It is more spacious and I put so much effort into the small details in the house. Therefore I knew I had to sacrifice my “makeup” money and spend them towards our home.
So I have learnt few ways on how to avoid more spending but still feel happy with what I already own.

How to save money on makeup even if you are beauty addict

how to save money on makeup

Layer your lipstick shades to create a new one

I have so many lipsticks and lip glosses in my collection that I definitely don’t need another one. I have bought all kinds of finishes and shades in the past… some of them get buried and I even forget that I have them in my draw.
Therefore I can easily layer two lipstick shades and create a new one. It is so much fun! And it makes me happy as I create unique shade every day. how to save money on makeup

 Borrow from your best friend

One of my friends loves makeup as much as I do… I am not sure how you feel about this, but I would swap makeup with my closest friend and use her eye shadow palette for a while. She always buy those berry and mauve eyeshadows colours which I adore.
So sometimes I would ask her to lend me some of her makeup. And yes, she doesn’t mind it 🙂 I have been using one of her palettes for the last couple of weeks and it is Stila Perfect Me Eye and Cheek Palette I get bored of using the same shades after a while so borrowing from a friend is a great alternative to spending more money on new makeup. Plus I can always swap it for something else after.

how to save money on makeup

Use shade adjusting drops

When I first discovered shade adjusting drops I thought “what a brilliant idea”! Since I bought this product I have saved so much money on foundations.
I get quite tanned in Summer and then towards Winter the tan tend to fade so I need different foundations for each season. The Body Shop Shade Adjusting drops have been in my daily routine ever since I purchase it. I usually add few drops to my darker foundations and make the perfect shade for when I am paler. how to save money on makeup

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 Learn tricks to get your makeup back to life

Here, I specifically talk about gel eyeliners. Even though I have so many of them in my beauty stash I tend to reach out for one or two on daily basis. This means that the rest of my gel eyeliners dry out after a while. You probably think that they need to go in the bin and be replaced with new ones?
However, when some of my favourite gel eyeliners dry out I place them in the microwave and warm them up for few seconds. This trick allows me to reuse my old gel eyeliners without the need of purchasing new ones.

Have you been on a “beauty diet” before and how did you deal with it?

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