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How to use Twitter to gain exposure and bring more traffic to your blog

How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog, increase traffic

We, as a bloggers, need to promote every single piece of content in order to gain more exposure. With so many social media platforms out there promoting can sometimes be overwhelming. To be honest, Twitter has always been my least favourite platform to share my content on. However it is one of the best to increase blog traffic and bring new readers to my blog. Even though Twitter is not my cup of tea, I know it can offer me a great opportunities. So I have learned few tips and I want to share with you how to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog and increase your daily page views.

How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog

I don’t have a huge amount of followers on my Twitter account. The reason being is that I don’t do this ‘follow for follow’ thingy and I like to engage only with people who blog within the same niche as me. On the other side, Twitter is not my preferred social media platform so I don’t spend a ton of time trying to promote my content. However, I have learned how to use Twitter effectively to gain exposure and bring more traffic to my blog. And I get quite good results from it.

Tips to gain exposure and bring traffic to your blog using Twitter

Participate in Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats build a great community for bloggers. While you participating you can chat to people in your niche and gain some new blogging knowledge. Some Twitter chats have specific topics and others are free for everyone to share latest blog post, recent interests and all that kinda fun stuff…

At the end of each chat every blogger has a chance to share their blog link to the community. This is a great way to popularise your blog and gain more blogging friends. I have noticed that if you write a catchy message and include an image to your tweet people are more likely to click on it other than just sending the link to your blog.

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all the tweets, thats where TWEETCHAT.COM comes in handy. Tweet chat is a live streaming page where you can keep track to all of the tweets and respond quickly to all fellow bloggers.

Here is some of my most used Twitter Chats schedule: click here

Use hashtags to join the community

Hashtags are another great way to show yourself to the rest of the world. They are so important for small business like me and you. Adding your content to a valuable hashtag can instantly gives your blog an exposure to wider audience. That being said, using hashtags is a great marketing strategy to help you increase your blog page views.

The only thing I would recommend is to do your research in order to find valuable hashtags within your niche. Some of the hashtags are trending only on a specific days of the week. Here are my top hashtags I use every week:

How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog


Use retweet accounts

As bloggers, we want to reach as many readers as possible.  Retweet accounts give you the opportunity of getting your content being seen by many people. If you mention these accounts in your tweet, they are most likely to retweet it and therefore more people would be able to discover your blog and engage. One of the most effective ways to bring traffic to my blog is using retweet accounts. My most used retweet accounts are: How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog

  • @FemaleBloggerRT
  • @TheBloggersPost
  • @TheBlogGuideRT
  • @FabBloggersRT
  • @UKBlog_RT
  • @UKBloggerRT
  • @RT_Bloggers
  • @weRTbloggers
  • @BBloggRT (for beauty bloggers)
  • @blogger_retweet

How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog, increase traffic

Use Twitter Marketing Tools

Buffer is a social tool that enables you to preschedule your tweets throughout the day. You can choose the days and the time when you want your tweets to go live. What I really love about Buffer is the ability to add images to your scheduled tweets. This is a great way to make your tweets more clickable and sharable especially if you can offer good quality images to your audience. The other great feature this tool has is giving you the ability to choose from Buffer’s optimum times. You can schedule your tweets in the best possible time depending on demographic information you have provided. In your analytics section you can see reports of how many clicks and retweets your post had. I use it all the time and it one of my favourite powerful marketing tools for your blog.

Top tips to use Twitter/ get more retweets, bring more traffic to your blog and reach bigger audienceClick To Tweet

CoPromote is a marketing platform. By signing up you become part of the community of over 600,000 creators who cross-promote with each other to reach new audience on Twitter and Facebook. Ones you sign in you can choose a post which you want to promote and than target your audience based on keywords. With this app the more you cross-promote , more credit you earn and more attention your post will receive. I really like this marketing tool. I use it for my Twitter and I get a lot more retweets than in the past. How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog

A great way to bring old blog posts to life is using this great plugin called Revive Old Post. This is super useful and handy plugin. Revive Old Post plugin allows you to choose the articles you want to share and how often you want them tweeted. Everything is automated and you don’t need to worry about scheduling your tweets. How to use Twitter effectively to promote your blog

Engage with others

Don’t forget the importance of engaging with fellow bloggers in order to build good relationship. One of the most important ways for building a successful blog is to give support to the blogging community. There are so many great ways to do so. Cross-promoting, retweeting others tweets, engaging in Facebook groups are one of the few, but very prominent ways to gain exposure and deliver traffic to your blog.

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