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January Wishlist

January Wishlist 1

Right…i am very cheeky this month as i have spotted quite few high end products that i want to get my hands on. This month the shopping is more than exciting, as all make-up and beauty brands release their new collections for Spring 2015.

It seems that my most wanted products are the eye shadows this month, just such a gorgeous colours that i cant resist…

Some of them are not particularly new, but they are very well loved, so i am just dying to add them to my collection this month.

  1. Luxury Palette by Charlotte Tilbury in VINTAGE VAMP is my most favorite eye shadow quad in her collection. Very unique shades in my opinion. And the packaging is just as precious.
  2. All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation by NARS seems the perfect foundation. It claims that is full, but natural looking coverage and it last up to 16 hours on the skin (not too sure about the hours claim, as i need to sleep at some point and i can’t keep my make up for over 16 hours, but any way 😉 … ). They finally added a pump, which is great as it is less messy and you can easily control the amount of foundation you want to use.
  3. Watercolour Mist Eye and Cheek Palette by Laura Mercier  is quite interesting palette. The shades of the eye shadows are colorful, but kinda toned down and very wearable. Pastel colours don’t suit everyone and it might be not everybody’s cup of tea, but it is worth checking it out.
  4. Modernist Eye Shadow Palette by Hourglass has not been released in UK yet (it will be available on 1th of February, i believe) .Exposure is the one i like the most. Everyone talks about these babies, so i am waiting impatiently for them to arrive. Modernist contains  champagne, aubergine, bronze, black violet, lilac shades, which sounds great for my hazel eyes.
  5. Custom Artist Portfolio by Laura Mercier is great for storing your makeup when you are on the go. I have watched and read a lot reviews about it and i have been wanting to get my hands on it, but whenever i decide to spoil myself it is always sold out. So hopefully this month it will be my lucky one.
  6. Colour Chameleon by Charlotte Tilbury is vintage golden shade  and it is great for hazel eyes. I have heard great stuff about this eye shadow pencils. You can use it on its own if you are on a hurry… just apply it over your lids, apply mascara and you are good to go.
  7. Braziliant nail polish by ESSIE looks amazing and perfect for spring. It is hot orange with a touch of shimmer.
  8. Cheek and Lip Glow by Dior seems quite unique product. I tested it in the store and it gives the most healthy flushed look on the cheeks. It has a liquidy consistency, so i don’t know how it would feel on the lips ( i suppose the feeling of a lip stain ).
  9.  Filmstar Bronze and Glow by Charlotte Tilbury  is another product i have been wanting in such a long time. I have heard amazing things about this palette and i will definitely purchase it this month and share my thoughts on it. And the packaging is just to die for 🙂 .

January make-up wish list

This duo eye shadow palette looks lovely and the shades are great for every day use. It is St-Paul-De-Vence by Nars and it is limited edition. It is described as a Shimmering Nectarin and i think it is so pretty and great for creating natural eye look .

Let me know what your favorites products are at the moment and what products you would like to add to your collection.x

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