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Kiehls Rosa Arctica Youth Eye Balm Review

Kiehls Rosa Arctica Youth Eye Balm Review 1

This was completely spontaneous purchase and because this eye cream is so interesting and different than anything else i have tried in the past, i thought it will be useful if i share it with you.

Kiehls Rosa Arctica Youth Eye Balm is described as a Youth Regenerating Eye Balm with Rare “Resurrection Flower”.

It has very thick balmy texture. It really surprised me at first when i touched it with my fingers in SpaceNK as it wasn’t what i expected. But the curiosity took over and i didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

When i got home i was desperate to open it and try it right away. It looks heavy and thick balm, but ones you warm it up between your fingers it transfers to a  lovely smooth cream, perfect for your under eye area.

What i also found interesting about this product is that, it has a matte finish. Kieh’s Rosa Arctica Eye Cream doesn’t have oily feel to the skin and doesn’t make my under eye area shiny.

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This kind of texture and matte finish work great as a concealer base. The consistency is kind of sticky (in a good way) and this makes it great primer. I feel that my concealer last longer and it doesn’t settle in my fine lines as much.

Interesting fact:

The key ingredient is Haberlea Rhodopensis known as a Ressurection Flower. This plant is able to survive up to 31 months of extreme dehydration.When proper moisture conditions are restored, it returns to life within hours.

Overall Kieh’s Rosa Arctica Eye Balm is very unusual product. It hydrate really well  my under eye area . My skin feels and looks smoother and my fine lines are less visible.

The packaging is also lovely. It is matte glass with a metal lid. 

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