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How To Look Glamorous Every Day In 5 Easy Steps

how to look glamorous

Do you ever think of yourself as just another plain, ordinary girl? Well, you may not be making waves around the world like Gigi Hadid or, making a trademark as an actress like Cloë Moretz but, you’re no ordinary nor plain. How to look glamorous

How to look glamorous in 5 easy steps

If there is a word that best describes who you are, you’re ‘special’. Many times the only real difference between a person who is beautiful and someone who isn’t attractive is all in the head. Skincare products made with the best ingredients, such as Strivectin with its NIA-114 proprietary complex, can support you in achieving beautiful skin. Confidence is what gives you beauty.

How to look glamorous and confident in 5 easy steps

Keep your skin clean

Clean and clear skin is a prerequisite for beautiful skin, not any makeup or cosmetic product. If there was one thing that stays trending in fashion, it’s beautiful, healthy skin. So pour in more effort into adhering to a skincare routine that perfectly fits your skin type and addresses your skin issues.

Work up a nice cover

You don’t have to wear every makeup you can get your hands on. Just make sure you have a nice cover up for your biggest skin imperfections and you should be all set. After all, your Strivectin or any other skin cream should have done most of the work already. If you have to pick a handful of things to do when you prep, make sure to frame your eyebrows, work up a nice, nude shadow for your eyes, line your top and bottom eyelids for emphasis, and put on a nude lip colour. End with a light blush on your cheeks. Glamorous!

Nourish your skin

Let your skin quench on beneficial skin ingredients like hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, botanically derived ceramides and antioxidants, cell-communicating peptides and retinols. Layer skincare products from those with the lightest texture to the ones with the thickest. Pack in by rubbing against your hands. Tap against skin rather than spreading. Make sure to get the ingredients your skin needs the most to treat your most pressing skin problems. Products like Stemutone are helpful in nourishing your skin.

how to looks glamorous

Give your wardrobe a makeover

You don’t have to be the top fashion trendsetter. What’s more important is that your dresses are functional. That is, it should serve the purpose of where you’re planning to use them. Invest in a few classic pieces that you are highly versatile and are never out of style. Below are the five pieces you have to own right now:

Tailored slacks

You can wear these to the office or any casual event. Mix and match easily with basic tops and pair with appropriate belts for impact.

Pencil cut skirt

This is one piece ever sophisticated girl owns.

White, collared blouse

Goes well with almost any of your ordinary day ensemble. Invest in this piece and it will be undoubtedly worth it.

Calf-length dress

Spell glamour and sophistication with a straight dress that goes all the way down to below your knees or to your calves. Get this ribbed or low back. This is one wardrobe staple that exemplifies being stylish without having to show too much skin.

Maxi dress

This one you can ride the trend so you don’t look too old. How about getting this off-the-shoulder? After all, a woman’s slender shoulders are one of her greatest assets at any age.

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Find your confidence

Real, lasting and captivating beauty begins with self-confidence. Stop being too conscious. First, make sure to be wearing only what you are comfortable going around with to lessen your self-consciousness. Second, be in the know. Educate yourself about the matters that may be brought on the table so that you can engage in intelligent discussions and not be a wallflower. Third, be prepared to be different. Don’t expect everybody to like you or your ideas. You don’t have to please anybody but yourself.


Beauty takes more than just skin deep. You have to feed your mind and your soul to be in perfect tune in your style with who you really are deep inside. how to look glamorous, how to look glamorous

*Guest post by Vaileria Dennis

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*Vaileria Dennis is a beauty and skin care expert, having 10 years of experience in beauty industry and providing healthy living tips. She is also passionate about fashion, makeup, women issues and more. In recent years, she has had an opportunity to learn about style and skincare.

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