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How to rock beautiful makeup this season

makeup tips for beginners

The air is crisp, leaves are changing colors and “pumpkin spiced” food and beverages can be found literally everywhere! This could only mean one thing: Fall is here! This is one of the most favorite and most anticipated seasons of the year, not only for fashionable Fall colored products, but the opportunity to dust off killer boots and gorgeous scarves. And what a better way to tie together your dazzling Fall appearance than with gorgeous makeup looks? makeup tips for beginners

How to rock beautiful makeup this season | makeup tips for beginners


The face should be considered the basis of your masterpiece. A beautiful canvas should not be coated in a thousand layers of cake batter foundation. Therefore keep it simple with light foundations that can benefit your skin with SPF and anti-aging ingredients. A matte finish is often preferred, leaving your skin airbrushed and shine-free. This formula tends to be a little thicker, but after applying a thin layer, it’s absolutely perfect for those of you that suffer from oily skin or prefer a more “Photoshopped” look. A dewy finish typically comes from a thinner, water based formula. So if you want an effortless and natural look, definitely go with this type of foundation. Try using natural colored bronzers and Fall colored blushes to maintain that healthy summer glow, but exude warm, flushed cheeks. makeup tips for beginners 


makeup tips for beginners

Tips for Foundation and Blush Application

Every foundation uses a different brush, for a specific look. Use a large, full brush for mineral foundation and sheer coverage. With liquid foundation, use a flat head or synthetic foundation brush for the best look.

Use small motions to apply your makeup onto your skin. Blend it in.

One of the worst foundation faux pas is not blending. Therefore this can create unappealing lines around the face and neck.

Blend your foundation into your hairline, ears and onto your neck to get radiant and uniform coverage.

Use a plastic spoon to help with blush or bronzer contouring. Simply place the round part on the apple of your cheek and align the handle to face toward the top of your ear. Using your favorite color, contour below the spoon, remove, and apply color to the apples of your cheeks and blend to soften.  

makeup tips for beginners


People typically notice someone’s eyes at first glance. We have been conditioned since childhood to always make eye contact when talking or listening. Eyes can be one of our most stunning features and it is imperative to accentuate rather than mask. There are two timeless looks that are bound to draw attention! The “cat eye” look has been around for ages, classically worn by models and actresses in the 1950s. By creating that titillating curve, your eyes will scream elegant seduction. Secondly, “smokey eyes” are still worshiped by us fashionistas. This eye makeup effect can be dramatized or simplified and delivers sexy, mysterious appeal. No matter what your color choice, be sure to use a shadow and a smudge brush to smoke out the look and soften the under-eye liner to create that beloved edgy look!

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Tips for Drawing on That Cat Eye

Trace your line first with a pencil, then go over with your liquid eyeliner.

Apply your liquid eyeliner by making little dots. Simply connect them for an even line!

You can literally make any colour of eyeshadow into an eyeliner by wetting a thin brush, such as an angle brush or a detail eye makeup brush and running it over the eyeshadow.

makeup tips for beginners


Tell me you can’t look at red lipstick and think it’s ugly! Red lipsticks and glosses are coveted by most women. This daring color can vamp up any simple makeup look and is found in a thousand variations of shades. Cherry red is a classic color that drips in sexual appeal. Whether you are attempting to entice the world, or simply want to make a bold statement, red lipstick is a must for Autumn!

Similarly, a lot of people love burgundies, browns, deep rich plums, and burnt orange browns this Fall. Who wouldn’t be? There is definitely something to be said for these rich tones. Pair a burgundy matte lip with a nice metallic topper for a rich, trendy look. Try a burnt orange brown with a simple natural eyeshadow and a simple blouse for a nice, simple new look for Fall.

Tips for Lips

However some red lipsticks can make your teeth look yellow? That means you got the wrong one! Try to find a red lipstick that has blue or purple undertones. This will make your teeth super white.

It may seem like an unnecessary step, but try filling in your lips with lipliner and apply your lipstick thereafter. This will significantly prolong your lipwear.

You can avoid annoying bleeding by using longwear lipsticks, or using concealer around your lips to produce a sharp finish. makeup tips for beginners

Even though these looks are sported year after year. When something unquestionably works, why stop doing it? Fall is the perfect time of the year to wear these stunningly timeless makeup styles. Elegant and luscious colors are the prevailing trends. So put on your boots and grab a sweater, it’s time to jump on the Fall bandwagon! makeup tips for beginners

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