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My DIY Room Decor Update/ The Copper Trend

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DIY Room Decor Idea To Follow The Copper Trend

So, because I always like to follow trends and lately I have been obsessed with copper, I decided to set up this easy DIY project few weeks ago. I knew I can’t have all the pretty marble and copper bits and pieces I saw in House of Fraser, Oliver Bonas and Anthropology. So when this DIY room decor idea clicked in my head I said to myself: “You girl should spend £10 on copper spay paint and update your home decor right now”. This is what is called decorating on a budget, right 🙂 ?

This post aims to give you some inspiration and idea of how you can make some home improvement without the need of spending tons of money.

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I headed to Homebase few weeks ago and I found copper spray paint. It is universal and you can use it on wood and metal. Lusting to buy new containers for my vanity table, I went in IKEA ( it is just few minutes away from Homebase). My vanity table is my little girly space where I keep all my makeup and makeup brushes. I really wanted to update the way I set them up and create a better storage for them. For just £5 I was able to find pen holders and a little tray. I wasn’t too fussed about the silver colour as I already had my copper spray 🙂 .

After I got home I went a little crazy… My mirror needed new fresh look so I sprayed it in copper, my makeup storage turned out really pretty too. But I didn’t stop there… I painted my bedside lamp and now it looks much more stylish ( you can see original image here ). I also updated my picture frame… I love being creative and I used a dry cloth to give it a vintage look. While the paint was still wet I gently rubbed of the edges using the cloth. I am pretty happy with the results I achieved and I can definitely say that my home is a trendy little place where I love to be.

If you are one of those creative people like me who wants to do little changes in their home decor and decorate on a budget every now and then, I think this is a cute DIY room decor idea to bring into life…