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New Discovery: Apivita Cosmetics Review

New Discovery: Apivita Cosmetics Review

I was on a trip recently and i desperately needed a face wash ( Who doesn’t! Agree? ). I popped in a very nice looking pharmacy, which also had a ton of different brands skincare products.

 The pharmacist introduced me to a brand which i have never heard about it before. I was kind of skeptical about this unknown brand, but finely she convinced me to spend my money on it 🙂 . I purchase Apivita creamy  face & eye foam cleanser, which sounded perfect for my skin.

The lady at the pharmacy was so nice and she gave my full bag of samples, so i could test them out at home.

I was so impressed with Apivita Cosmetics products and i thought it would be useful to give you a bit more information about them.

Apivita is a natural cosmetic brand and it claims to have 85%-100% natural ingredients. 

Apivita creamy  face & eye foam cleanser is very gentle cleanser and makeup remover in one. The main ingredients are Lavender, Olive, Propolis and Wheat proteins, which instantly soothes and nourish my skin. It is very moisturizing and refreshing. It has slightly strong smell, but it feels so lovely when i use it in the morning and it really helps me feel more awake. The fresh scent is achieved by mixing orange, mandarin, lemon and grapefruit essential oils and green tea infusion instead of water for best result.

This cleanser has kind of soapy texture when you squirt it of the bottle, but after you start massaging it into your face, it turns to foam. It is very gentle, but it really cleanses thoroughly. It contants 93% natural ingredients and it is great for dry/normal skin type.

The next day i went back and i purchase Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream. It has a very rich texture, but blends seamlessly and instantly into the skin. I love how it makes my skin feeling hydrate and  soft. What i also like about it is that it has kind of matte finish on the skin. So it doesn’t leave a shiny or greasy residue, which makes it great make up base. It contains 97% natural ingredients, including Propolis extract, Greak mountain tea and essential oils. The Aqua Vita can offer a great range moisturizers for all skin types.

I also tried a shampoo and conditioner sample for dry hair and it was amazing. After i used them my hair had a nice shine and i had a volume in my roots, which is a big deal for my thin hair 🙂 . Most of the shampoos for dry/damage hair can weight it down, but this range gave me some volume. Thank you, Apivita! ( the rest of the samples i saved for later to test out)

The brand ship worldwide, i believe and it is free shipping in orders over 70. Give pleasure to your face and hair! It is really worth checking the brand out- Apivita .

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