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Why Pinterest Rich Pins are so important for your blog/ business and How to set them up

Pinterest Rich Pins, how to set up Pinterest Rich Pins

Let me start this post by saying that if you want to up your Pinterest game, first you need to make your account look professional and catchy for your audience. By professional I mean spending time on making your profile and pins high quality and ready to represent your brand. One of the most important steps is to enable Rich Pins. Pinterest rich pins

What are Pinterest Rich Pins and how to set up Rich Pins

Rich Pins are the pins on Pinterest that have additional, more detailed information about your article. If you click on one of my pins you will notice that under my image there is additional information such as article writer, brief description on what the article is about, when it has been published and a “read it” button on the right hand side.

Pinterest rich pins, how to set up rich pins

This plays a very good role in your business as it will make your brand more recognisable and will draw more attention to your pins. Therefore more people will click through and this will drive more traffic to your blog. Pinterest rich pins

If you have not set up Rich Pins for your blog or business, the readers will not be able to find your article’s title or the original source. Also people who re-pin your pins will be able to make changes to your description.

Another reason why your business should have Rich Pins and the description under each pin, is SEO. Pinterest is a search engine and it works exactly the same as Google. If your pins are SEO optimised, they will be found much easier by readers. Therefore this will drive more traffic to your blog and increase your monthly page views. So enabling Rich Pins not only makes your brand stand out, but it allows you to add keywords and make your pins SEO friendly.

You need a business account for Pinterest in order to be able to enable Rich Pins.

How to set up Rich Pins

First step: You need to install Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress (I am not sure about Blogger, so this post will guide you only if you are on WordPress). To install this plugin you need to go to Dashboard→Plugins→Install New Plugin.

Once the Yoast SEO plugin has been installed, click on Y SEO icon on the left hand side of your Dashboard and then click Social. Click on “Facebook” tab  and hit the ” Enable” button under “Add open graph meta data” section. This will allow to enable the meta data in your head section of your blog without adding any coding. By doing this, Pinterest will already be able to pull all of the information needed to enable Rich Pins.

Why Rich Pins are so important for your blog and business and how to set them up in two easy steps.Click To Tweet

Next step: Once you have completed this step, you need to go to Rich Pins Validator and in the box bellow the text enter any URL for a blog post that have already been published. Once done click Validate. You will get message saying that your pin has been activated. It might take up-to week for you Rich Pins to be activated.

Remember to fill in your Meta Description section (SEO optimised) as the same text will appear in the description section under your pin on Pinterest.

This is super easy process but it makes a huge difference on how you represent your blog and business.

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