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How To Reduce Bounce Rate & Increase Blog Page Views

When I first started blogging I thought having high results in my blog stats is a good thing. I thought higher page views, higher number of users and higher bounce rate is a fab thing to have as a result on my blog. Damn it! I was wrong… The higher your bounce rate goes the lower interaction or quality you are giving to your readers. So how to reduce bounce rate and let Google know that you are freakin’ good?

How to reduce bounce rate and increase blog page views

But what is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a metric that shows the percentage of visitors that leave after viewing only one page (there bouncing off your website). You might ask yourself what if a reader is looking for one particular topic and finds your blog in one of the search engines… He will click on your link and because your blog post is really great and informative and it gives the reader all the information he needs, he wouldn’t need to click on any of your other blog posts. So this will still be counted as a “bounce” even if you know you are doing a really great job with your blog or website. So how to reduce bounce rate in cases like this?

The code customisation method

Let me tell ya’ something… If you are a blogger with tons of unique visitors or you own a news website, for example, the chance your readers to click on more than one post is 1%. Why? Just because your unique visitors come back very frequently to your website or blog and all they need is to stay up to date with your latest post. If you talk about news on your blog, your readers would most likely read your latest article. They wouldn’t be interested in old news, right?

In this case there are two methods of reducing your blog’s bounce rate.

First, if you use WordPress you can simply download a plugin called Reduce Bounce Rate .

Second, (which I’ve chosen myself) you can do a simple customisation and add a code to the footer.php of your website or blog. This is a method of Google Analytics code customization. It works how long a visitor stays on a page. So, for example, if your unique visitors come back to read only your latest blog post or visit one particular post, saves it to return back later and closes the page, this would not be counted as a “bounce” and your bounce rate will reduce drastically. I contacted a helpful person called Nash on Fiverr and he’s done a customisation and added the code for me. I was really happy and satisfied with his service and highly recommend him.

how to reduce bounce rate and increase blog page views

Create call to action

You want your readers to make that second click, right? So to keep your visitors attention to your blog, you can simply download a plugin which will suggest articles that your readers might be interested in within particular blog post. They can be displayed at the end of each post with some catchy images added to them. This also works great for increasing your blog’s page views.

You can also ask your audience a question at the end of each blog post. This will help increasing the engagement with your readers and they will be most likely hanging around your blog for longer.

Adding internal links

This is another blogging tip which I put into practise all the time. Adding links to your already existing posts is great way to attract your readers and tease them to make that second click. When you write a new article always remember to link to a similar blog post that you have already written in the past. See the link I have added to the “blogging tip” phrase? If you click on this link, it will take you to another of my blogging tips articles. This will reduce my bounce rate and it will increase my page views. Cool, right?

Just do remember, whenever you link to another website make sure you open that link in a brand new window. But if you link to your own content keep it in the same tab.

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Use correct keywords

Using the correct key words is very important in terms of SEO and how your blog will appear in search engines . If you use keywords that are not relevant to your content, readers are most likely to “bounce” straight after they have clicked on your post. So make sure you always use the correct keywords for the relevant content and build a strong trust with your audience.

Create quality content

So how to reduce bounce rate by creating a quality content? The whole name of the game is that you need to attract the right people and give them exactly what they want. When you create great articles and promote them within your niche, your readers will be much interested in your articles, interact with you and return again and again. This, and adding the code I mentioned above plus the tips I shared in today’s post will give you great results in your bounce rate.

Hope I answered the questions Whats bounce rate is and How to reduce bounce rate and this article was helpful for you.

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