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5 Simple Beauty And Makeup Hacks To Save You Time And Money

beauty and makeup hacks

As a busy mum in my thirties I know the importance of finding time to complete my everyday tasks. On the other hand, being able to play with makeup and learn more about beauty is my passion | obsession. However the lack of time thought me tips and tricks I can put into practice in my morning routine. Some of them save me money and others, save me time. beauty and makeup hacks

5 Simple beauty and makeup hacks I can not live without

The alternative uses of aftershave balm

A good quality aftershave balm can be very moisturising and beneficial for your skin and hair.

Me and my partner went on holiday few months ago and as a skincare addict like me, he had to pack his go-to L’Occitane mens aftershave for the trip. Throughout the holiday he used it not only to shave, but as a hair/ styling cream. How cool, right?

Even though I did not take my foot lotion with me (I always try to use versatile products when I travel), I used his L’Occitane aftershave balm to soften my feet. It did an amazing job! My feet were moisturised and hydrated at all times. L’Occitane aftershave balm gave my feet such a cooling and relaxing sensation after the long walks during our holiday. It did serve a purpose not only as a aftershave balm but haircare and skincare product too.

Use a white jumbo pencil to make your eyeshadow colour pop

A matte white jumbo pencil like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk Lait can make your eyeshadow colour more intense.

I use this NYX white jumbo pencil every time I apply lighter shades on my eyes. The white base makes the colour stand out. It also helps to prep your skin before applying the eyeshadow and it prevents any creasing. beauty and makeup hacks

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If your gel eyeliner dries out…

Simply place the eyeliner in your microwave and heat it up for few minutes.

Few weeks ago I wrote an article about how to save money on makeup even if you are a beauty addict. I spoke about the amount of gel eyeliners I have in my beauty stash. And if I have to be honest, I own quite a lot. I used to think that I will never get the smooth application as they dry after a while. However after I learned this trick I fell back in love with my old gel eyeliners.

Apply eyeliner in seconds

Warm your favourite eye pencil between your palms and apply it to your eyelash curler. This way you line your lid the same time as curling your lashes.

This trick I use on daily basis. It is for busy mums like me. My morning routine is pretty basic and the lack of time thought me ways of doing my makeup in few minutes. By applying the pencil on your eyelash curler you curl your lashes and lining your lid at the same time. This saves you time and effort in your busy mornings.

You have broken your favourite blush? Just fix it in seconds

Pour few drops of rubbing alcohol into your broken blush or eyeshadow. Then place a thin silk or cotton sheet over it and press with an object which has a flat smooth base.

I broke one of my favourite MAC blushes a year ago and I thought I will never be able to use it again. One morning I dropped it on the floor (I was rushing as usual) and my brown blush with orange undertone broke into small pieces. beauty and makeup hacks

Even though it seemed impossible to me to get it back into shape I still had my hope. The rubbing alcohol did miracles! I added few drops into the pan and then I covered it with a small silky cloth. After that I pressed the pigment with a glass base and let it dry till the next morning.

Do you know any makeup tips and tricks that can save you time and help you budget your money?

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