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5 Simple and effective ways to fall in love with your life

fall in love with your life, practise mindfulness, strive for happiness

People often say you can not be happy every day. However I have learned one main thing throughout the years; you can experience negative emotions, but still be happy. I think that having the ability to love your life has very close connection to having the ability to truly loving your inner-self. fall in love with your life

5 Simple and effective ways to fall in love with your life


Nowadays many of us forget the purpose of our life. Most people will strive for money and higher achievements, but very few of us understand the true values in life. One of my goals for 2018 is to bring more joy in my life by making more time for things and people that I love. It is a fact that the desire for  more money makes us ungrateful. This is because we are only willing to do things that will benefit us and no one else. We become more selfish and unhappy in life. Therefore we should invest more time in giving love, learn to care for others and strive for simplicity. fall in love with your life

fall in love with your life, practise mindfulness, strive for happiness


“Treat others how you want to be treated” is a golden rule that I follow every single day. To achieve happy living we should focus not only on our needs, but focus onto the needs of others. To become a better person is my main priority. I love inspiring others and being inspired. Despite our busy lives we should let our better inner-selves lead us. We should focus on doing at least one good thing every day.We need to stop worrying and letting negative thoughts rush through our mind. Worrying about little things only make us feel overwhelmed and drained. We stop seeing the beauty around us, the positivity surrounding us. Therefore I only meet like-minded people because they help me fall in love with my life again and again.

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people

Vincent Van Gogh


How about learning to find inspiration in your everyday life. To boost up your productivity, you need a nice cup of coffee in the morning and balanced daily routines. When I say “balanced” I mean finding the harmony between jobs, tasks we need to complete, make time for fun, hobbies etc.

To be able to love our life we need to learn to prioritise and destress after a long day. Prioritise the tasks that make you happier, better person. Learn to find inspiration in the little things. This will help you boost your productivity and creativity. After a long day I always find time to practise mindfulness. I run a hot bath or simply read my favourite book to help me distress. Trust me, these simple but very effective aspects of practising mindfulness will help you value and love your life even more.

One of the most important aspects of life is having good friends. Open your doors and let quality people come in your life. Meeting positive minded people will have an amazing impact on you. They will inspire you and put smile on your face. fall in love with your life

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What are your perspective in life? Do you think you have positive attitude towards your life? The first thing I do in the morning is to think why I did it. Is it because I had to or because I want to pursue something new today. Perhaps new emotion, new friend or new inspiration. Whatever it is, I wake up happy and grateful for my life. You can find simple things that motivate you and make you happy. I personally love being at home. Simple things like changing my bedsheets with clean ones, watering my plants or burning my new candle make me happy.

Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments.

We risk missing out when we get too busy

chasing down the extraordinary.

Brené Brown


To learn to love yourself can be challenging and long journey. I learned to love and respect myself throughout my years of adulthood. This was one of my biggest achievements as practising self-love helped me to stand out for myself and become stronger person. You need to find yourself and than you need to get to know yourself; your feelings, your emotions and your desires. After all this, you need to strive for better, nor for more. Better feelings, better friends, better life…

So how often do you actually think about your life? The people you meet every day, the emotions you feel every day… Are you grateful for the little things you have accomplished? Do you practise mindfulness enough? Do you brighten up your and others day by being more loving and positive? I try to answer myself these questions every morning my eyes see the daylight.



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