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Deep cleanse your skin with T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range

Deep cleanse your skin with T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range
Deep cleanse your skin with T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range
Deep cleanse your skin with T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range

Women have one aim when it comes to beauty and it is achieving the perfect self-image from inside and out. Making your outer-apperanice shining and beautiful is as important as feeling positive and confident from inside. T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range

Every woman has her own individuality and her own views about beauty. When I apply makeup nowadays I know that everything is possible because beauty and makeup should be about pleasure and not following rules.

One thing I should admit, I love high quality skincare and makeup products. However, high quality does not necessarily mean pricey products. There are so many drugstore alternatives I have discovered in the past few years and they all have been part of my daily routine ever since. One of them is T-Zone nose strips.

So let’s talk about quality beauty products at small prices, shall we?

Deep cleanse your skin with T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range

I have been using the regular T-Zone nose strips for years. I always apply them after shower when my pores are open and I can get the best results. In just five minutes the strips pull out most of the impurities and blackheads on my t-zone.

T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range review

Even though I love the regular nose strips by T-Zone I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that the brand is launching new range. T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range is designed to deep clean and purify your skin. New to Superdrug this July, T-Zone has launched 8 new skincare products. The entire range is ideal for oily and spot-prone skin.

All the products in the new T-Zone range are made with naturally purifying Activated Choral, which work as a magnet to draw out impurities from the pores that become blocked with oil and dirt. Whilst Bamboo Extract helps to control oil and balance your t-zone, the Grapefruit helps to soothe and keep skin clear.

Products featured in the T-Zone Choral & Bamboo range

The range contains 8 skincare products:

Black Peel Off Mask              Black Cleansing Wipes

Nose Pore Strips (6)             Deep Cleansing Face Scrub

Nose Pore Strips (12)           No-Shine Papers

Self-Heating Mask                Ultra Purifying Face Wash

My thoughts on T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range

I was able to test 3 out of 8 products from this range.

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Deep Cleansing Face Scrub

I have been using the face scrub for few weeks and I have been really enjoying its gentle texture. My skin is on dry/sensitive side but this scrub is pleasantly delicate and great for all skin types. It is ideal for deep exfoliation. The natural Bamboo granules buff away dead skin cells that can block pores and leave skin healthy and refreshed. T-Zone Face Scrub has grey colour and black granules. It has a gentle scent and it is great for everyday use.

T-Zone Choral and Bamboo range review

Nose Pore Strips

They are especially designed for across the nose and they are my favourite product of all. I use them twice a week and I love how clean and smooth they make my nose feel. My foundation always looks flawless after each use. T-Zone nose pore strips unclog pores by grabbing onto blackheads and lifting them clean away. You can see the blackheads on the strip after peeling it off and thats how you know they do miracles.

Self-Heating Mask

This mask is enriched with natural clays which helps to open pores and draw out the impurities of your skin. It comes in 4 sachets in a pack; compact and great for when you are on-the-go. I use the mask ones a week, but if you have oily skin you can use it up to 2-3 times a week. The mask begins to heat when I apply it on my clean skin. I massage it for about a minute and than rinse it off using warm water. The Charcoal acts like a magnet drawing out the dirt, while the Bamboo Extract controls excess oil for clearer looking skin.

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