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The Marble Trend /Fashion and Home Decor Ideas

The Marble Trend /Fashion and Home Decor Ideas 1

Marble is a natural stone with various patterns. It represents the elegance and beauty in home decorating which has been used for many years. Now days marble trend has grown and expanded to something more than tiles and sculptures. We can spot a marble interior in any home store or magazine. The fun part is that fashion designers also included marble as a staple in their collections this year. From sneakers and marble patterned clothes to an earrings, necklaces and even phone cases.

Hope sharing my marble inspired ultimate guide in fashion and homeware will fill you with ideas how to accessorize yourself and your home with this 2015 trend.

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  1. Asos Monki Geo Ring 
  2. Marble Necklaces by Etsy
  3. Pied a Terre Marble printed handbag
  4. Marble Look iPhone Case by Etsy
  5. Marble Stud Earrings by Etsy
  6. Howlite Ball Stud Earrings by Accessorize
  7. NikeCourt Roshe LD
  8. Asos Marble Stones Ear Cuff
  9. Mango Marble Print Chiffon Blouse by Polyvore


Another homeware trend is using copper decor. Copper candle holders, copper pots or just a simple copper cutlery gives your home sophisticated and chic feel. I love the combination of marble and copper. I think both of them really compliment each other.

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  1. Copper and marble table light by Houseenvy
  2. Casa Couture marble and copper trunket box
  3. Casa Couture marble and copper candle holder
  4. Storage box by H&M
  5. Casa Couture marble photo frame
  6. Marble and copper soap dispenser by DWell
  7. Ceramic mug by H&M
  8. Danielle Mini Marblre Ball Mirror by Amazon


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