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Best Dry Shampoos For Voluminous and Healthy Looking Hair

best dry shampoos for voluminous or damaged hair

When dry shampoos got released few years ago, my first ever thoughts were: ” What on earth is a dry shampoo? A product to make your hair clean without being under the shower and using water? No way…” Than I got more and more into them… I started testing out dry shampoos with different purposes from so many brands out there. So in today’s post I will talk you through my best dry shampoos for voluminous or damaged hair. They are actually 3, but I use them in different occasions and I would definitely consider them as my top drugstore hair products of all time.

Best Dry Shampoos For Voluminous or Damaged Hair

Many women got pulled away of dry shampoos just because they don’t know the correct method of using them.

How to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has powdery consistency and it works like deodorant but for your hair. Ones sprayed on, it absorbs the natural oils the hair produces and leaves it refreshed and clean looking for another day or so. If you don’t use the dry shampoo in the correct manner you might end up with white powdery residue in your roots and this wouldn’t be very pleasant experience, right?

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So to avoid this, you need to spray into the roots (but don’t over spray) while holding the can 20 cm from your hair. Than what I like to do is keeping the product in my hair for 30 sec. I hold my head upside down and tease the roots of my hair using my fingertips. The white residue has gone and my hair feels clean and nice scented.

best dry shampoos for voluminous or damaged hair

Klorane Dry Shampoo

This is the first product I try from the brand and I am really impressed with the quality. This dry shampoo is great for dry or damaged hair. It has oat milk and the formula is very gentle and lightweight. Klorane dry shampoo has tinted powder which blends so well and it gives the hair natural looking finish. It is paraben-free which is always a plus for a hair product.*

Practical and quick to use, KLORANE Gentle dry shampoo with oat extract is ideal for people with little time, and therefore unable to wash their hair. It owes its cleansing properties to an original combination of highly absorbent agents that act as truly effective sponges to soak up dirt or sebum on the scalp. Hair volume and bounce is restored in just a few minutes.

CoLab Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo

I use this dry shampoo on “second-day” hair when I want to keep it in messy bun or pony tail. CoLab Extreme Volume dry shampoo gives very unusual feel to my hair and I think it wouldn’t be every girl’s cup of tea. But I love it! It is kinda hair spray, texturising spray and dry shampoo in one and it gives my hair such an amazing volume and lift. I use this dry shampoo particularly on days I want to create messy bun or pony tail as it gives amazing grip and control to my hair. It makes my bun bigger and messier looking and my pony tail stay higher up without being weigh down.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Batiste was the first brand I ever tried when I got into dry shampoos a while back. This particular one has a hint of colour and it is great for brunets like me πŸ™‚ .Batiste dry shampoos are very lightweight and I use Beautiful Brunette every single day as a texturising spray as well as hair refresher. As per my review Batiste dry shampoo has an amazing scent which lasts all day long. Beautiful Brunette claims to help disguise root growth on coloured hair and cover any stray greys. Batiste dry shampoos are award winning products and great addition to your daily hair care.

Dry shampoos give lifeless hair amazing body and a refreshing boost between washes and for a busy girl like me, they are a life saver.

best dry shampoos for voluminous or damaged hair,Β best dry shampoos for voluminous or damaged hair

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