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Top Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Top Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

If you do wear glasses whether they are prescribed or just as a fashion accessory you still want your makeup to look flawless and emphasise the beautiful features of your face. In today’s post I am going to talk you through my top makeup tips for girls with glasses. The do’s and don’s you should take into practise  to make your makeup last longer and put together all day long.

Top makeup tips for girls with glasses

For glasses and contact lense wearers, one of the biggest things that will stop you looking your best is dry and irritated eyes. No one looks good with dull or bloodshot eyes, so make sure you wear something breathable like focus dailies by FeelGoodContacts. There’s no point spending so much time doing great makeup if your eyes aren’t happy and looking their best.

Ones you have given the best health treatment to your eyes is time for the next step- your makeup…

Wear long lasting  foundation and apply concealer only on areas where needed

Wear a long lasting foundation when you have your glasses on. Foundations with coverage that last longer perform much better on the skin in terms of well setting into the skin and not budging throughout the day. Long wear foundations will still look flawless around the nose area where the glasses rub against the skin and will prevent the product from transferring into your glasses.

Apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone

Concealer is a must have when you wear glasses on your pretty face. This is because the glasses can magnify your dark circles and draw all the attention to them. Apply concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight and make your complexion appear brighter and healthier. Than all you need to do is set it with powder. Do not skip this step… It is essential for keeping your concealer into place and preventing it from sliding down throughout the day.

Top Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Give your eyebrows the perfect shape

One of the top makeup tips for girls with glasses is taking your time to sculpt your eyebrows to frame them with your glasses. Eyebrows are always exposed and the shape of your glasses can really accentuate and draw attention to them. So go girl… and give your eyebrows the perfect shape using pencil, powder or wax based product.

The good old rule about your eye makeup…

There are few things you need to consider when applying your eye makeup. Keeping your eyeshadows neutral and toned down is a must have if you are a glass wearer. Bright colours can make your eyes appear smaller and they might make everything look too over the top. So go for muted eyeshadow shades but still add a dimension and make your eyes pop.

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The trick is to make your eyes look bigger so they can give your face fresh and healthy appearance. One of my top makeup tips for girls with glasses is to apply a white jumbo pencil before any eyeshadow. It will work as a base and at the same time will make the eyeshadow colour really pop. A must have for achieving best results is using an eye brighting pencil in nude shade. Apply it to your inner rim of your eyes for instant “big eye” effect.

When you wear glasses the main thing you see is the eye lids… You can apply shimmery eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid to make your eye makeup really stand out. Shimmer can also help your eyes appear bigger and sexier.

The goal is to open up your eyes and focus on enhancing the features of your eyes.

When it comes to eyeliner, my advice is to stay away from cream eyeliners. This is because they tend to smudge much easier than liquid eyeliners and we definitely want our makeup to last all day long, right?

Give your eyeliner a bit of a flick and create a sexy cat eye… Glasses and winged eyeliner really compliment each other as this type of makeup give dimension to your eyes and make them appear bigger and sexier.

You need to make your eyelashes appear big so they can pop thorough your glasses frame, right?

Apply few coats of waterproof mascara… Yeah, you heard me… Waterproof, waterproof and only waterproof. Because you wear glasses, the air and the warmth of your body can be trapped between your eye area and the glasses, it is essential to apply waterproof mascara that won’t melt of your face and last all day long without smudging.

Top Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

What about your cheeks?

This is totally down to your personal preferences, but I think pink blush is a great option for a glass wearer like you. Any shade of pink can really give you this gorgeous healthy flush on your cheeks and make you look fresh and youthful.

Because you wear glasses, your cheek bones still stand out… Highlighter is another must have to help you create the perfect makeup look. Apply a highlighter to the “sun kissed” areas of your face to make your complexion appear more glow-y and luminous.

Final touches

You can be more creative when it comes to choosing the lip colour since your eye look is more natural. Here you can really go wild and use whatever shade suits your mood or preferences. Bold or nude lipstick colours, they will all look great with your complete makeup look.

Use a setting spray to help you keep your makeup in place and prevent any makeup smearing from your glasses. And you are good to go…

What are your top makeup tips for girls with glasses?

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