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Powerful marketing tools every blogger should use

powerful marketing tools

Top powerful marketing tools every blogger should use

Blogging is a fantastic way to expand your creativity and it is a great way to earn money from home. But to build your brand you need to use powerful marketing tools such as apps and platforms.

So to help you get the best out of your blog I will take you through these awesome blogging resources…

Build better blog

Let’s start from your article’s name, shall we?


CoSchedule is a free headline analyser tool. It is an awesome way to optimise your blog titles and make them more catchy. After you have entered your blog post headline CoSchedule Headline Analyzer shows different characteristics and it helps you balance your headline. In different sections, this tool will show you where your title needs improvement. For example structure, grammar and readability. It will show you example of how your title affects readers emotions, if it is keyword optimised and many more awesome tips.

Google Analitycs

Google Analitycs is the ultimate guide to your blog performance. Google Analytics gives you all the reports you need to track your readers and see how your website presents on the web. In your dashboard you can find information about page views, new and returning visitors, demographic analysis and many more. Google Analitycs helps you analyse visitors traffic and engagement and it is one of the best powerful marketing tools for your business.


MailChimp is an email marketing service and it allows you to send emails, letters and invitation to your readers. MailChimpย gives you an ability to create newsletter mail box on your blog where your readers can subscribe. You can easy build and customise templates for your emails and campaigns. In your dashboard you can track subscriptions and see how your readers interact with your blog posts. It is an awesome marketing tool which helps you engage with your readers and I highly recommend it.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion tool for finding keywords for your articles. It is very easy and simple to use and it gives you a whole bunch of results with long tail keywords. You can still go over your Keyword Planner afterwords and check the performance of those keywords but for quick way to find a lot of suggestions with just one click, this is great tool. After you have selected your keywords you can easily copy them and paste them to your doc which is so cool.


Bitly is a link management platform. I recently discovered Bitly and it caught my eye as I had never heard of URL shorteners before. Basically it allows you to shorten links which sometimes can be extremely long. Twitter uses URL shorteners when you add a link to blog or website in your tweet as you are not allowed to have more than 140 characters. This is a great way to manage multiple links easier and Bitly gives you all that for free. I think shorter URLs are more sharable and perform better on mobile devices too.


Go Social…

Top 12 powerful marketing tools every blogger should use to run a successful blog



Iconsquare is an Instagram app and it is great way to take your Instagram to the next level.ย The awesomeness in this app is the built in analytics. In Iconsquare analytics section you can track your growth, gain and lost followers. It gives you an idea of when the best time is for your post to be shared. It also allows you to choose from most common and popular hashtags in your niche. Unfortunately Iconsquare made this service paid but the fees are very affordable and worth checking out.


Buffer is a social tool that enables you to preschedule your tweets throughout the day. You can choose the days and the time when you want your tweets to go live. What I really love about Buffer is the ability to add images to your scheduled tweets. This is a great way to make your tweets more clickable and sharable especially if you can offer good quality images to your audience. The other great feature this tool has is giving you the ability to choose from Buffer’s optimum times. You can schedule your tweets in the best possible time depending on demographic information you have provided. In your analytics section you can see reports of how many clicks and retweets your post had. I use it all the time and it one of my favourite powerful marketing tools for your blog.


Tailwind is a marketing tool for your Pinterest business. It allows ย you to preschedule multiple pins in certain time of the day for the entire week. Using Tailwind you can preschedule your pins in multiple boards and group board. It is an awesome way to grow your Pinterest profile and drive traffic to your blog. In your dashboard you can see analytics of how many unique and top repiners you have. Also you can analyse your best pins and how many times they have been repined. It is paid app but ones again if you want to take Pinterest to the next level you need it in your life.

Top powerful marketing tools every bloggers should use to run a successful blog.Click To Tweet


CoPromote is a marketing platform. By signing up you become part of the community of over 600,000 creators who cross-promote with each other to reach new audience on Twitter and Facebook. Ones you sign in you can choose a post which you want to promote and than target your audience based on keywords. With this app the more you cross-promote , more credit you earn and more attention your post will receive. I really like this marketing tool. I use it for my Twitter and I get a lot more retweets than in the past.

A little bit of creativity…


Canva is an online graphic design tool. With Canva you can design anything for web or print without the knowledge of coding. From blogging prospective this is a must have for me. You can create everything on Canva… From Pinterest images to headers for Twitter and Facebook, business cards etc. It has a tons of build-in custom fonts which are fully manageable. You can change colours, size and many more with just one click. Canva is one of my favourite powerful marketing tools if you want to add some creativity to your blog or website.


Evernote is a note taking app and it is great for bloggers like me and you. With Evernote you can create note books, take notes and create to-do lists. My favourite feature in Evernote is the ability of taking screenshots of my laptop screen. This way you can show your readers visual step by step guide of “How to…” tutorials, add text and arrows to your screenshot.

Shopstyle Collective

Shopstyle Collective is a shopping search engine which is operated by If you are beauty or fashion blogger Shopstyle Collective is a fun tool to help you create a gallery which you can add to your post or sidebar. You can choose from tons of beauty and fashion products and them to your wish-list. Ones you have selected everything you want to display on your blog, you simply add the widget code to your dashboard. The gallery with the selected items will appear on your sidebar or blog post ones everything is done correctly. Shopstyle Collective use an affiliate links and it pays on a per click basis. So every time your readers click on the item you have displayed you receive a small commission.

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