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The ultimate guide to grow your blog using Pinterest

Pinterest for business grow blog website

My followers list on Pinterest is not huge and I am not a pro by any means. But I have learned some great tips of how to use Pinterest to grow your blog and to properly utilise it for bringing the best out of it.

How to use Pinterest for business & for growing your blog

Before I get started I want to point to something very important… Growing your followers list it is not vital for growing your blog or business on Pinterest. Creating good content, catchy images and participating in group boards is the key.

1. Create business account on Pinterest

First thing first, you need to create business account instead of personal page. By creating business account  you can use all the benefits Pinterest can offer you, plus more professional set up page can really represent your brand and makes it stand out.

After you set up Pinterest for business you can automatically have an access to Analytics or you can do promoted Pins. Also by creating a business profile you can simply verify your account in order to be able to add a clickable link on your blog or website to your profile. This is super helpful as followers and visitors can easily visit your blog or website and this way your brand can gain much more exposure.

2. Create pin-worthy images

Images, like on Instagram, are main source for driving traffic to your blog. Creating catchy images that makes visitors click and re-pin is essential to your Pinterest success.

Use vertical images that can really caught your readers attention. I always pin images that are bright, good quality and really inspiring. I use Canva if I need to create blog graphics. For my beauty related topics I expand my creativity and focus on sharing original images of my beauty products rather than text.

3. Let them enjoy pinning

People love to get inspired and if your vertical images stand out they would want to share them on Pinterest. To make it easy for your readers to share your content you need to have Pin It hover button for your images. You can get one directly from Pinterest or you can install a plugin to your blog or website. With this being said, do you need to add as many vertical images as possible to your blog article in order to make visitors share your content. Not really… There is an awesome plugin called Social Warfare which will allow you to have a horizontal images to your article but when your readers click on the Pinterest share icon, they will be able to share a vertical image which you have set previously in the settings.

Pinterest for business grow blog website

4. Pinterest is a search engine

Like Google, Pinterest is a search engine based on keywords. If you want to properly utilise Pinterest for business you will need to optimise your Pins. To optimise your Pins you need to add your chosen keyword in the description below your images. It works exactly the same as SEO for Google, Bing and Yahoo. This is a super cool way to reach new audience and gain more exposure. I have learned this tip not long ago and ever since I optimise my description using multiple keywords. It is super easy but very effective. So when readers search for something using one of the search engines, a link to your Pin is most likely to pop up. This means more clicks, more shares and more traffic to your blog.

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5. Use Rich Pins

Setting up Rich Pins is totally free and it is super helpful if you want your brand to look more professional and to stand out. But what exactly is Rich Pin? Rich Pins include an extra information in your meta description underneath your Pinterest image. When you set up Rich Pins you would be able to see your blog’s name and favicon. The favicon really represents your brand and it is basically a logo which is unique for your blog or website. Also you will be able to see the name of your article in bigger bold writing.

Rich Pins are more noticeable on Pinterest and they get repined a lot more, which brings a lot more traffic to your blog. The readers can easily see the source where the Pin comes from and the title in bold. This makes your Pins more catchy for readers eyes and your blog/website more professional looking.

Top tips/ Pinterest for business and how to grow your blog

6. Use Pinterest Group Boards

Using Group Boards is the key for gaining exposure and one of the best ways for promoting your Pins. PinGroupie is Pinterest Group Board Directory. There you can search for group boards within your niche and request to be added in them. Once your request is accepted you can add your personal Pins and the people who follow this board would be able to discover your brand. So if you want to properly utilise Pinterest for business this step is vital for growing your blog or website.

7. Add direct link to your Pin description

Adding direct link of your blog/website to your Pin description is great tip which I have been implementing lately. This way readers can easily click on your blog’s URL and visit your page without the need of clicking on the actual image. This is another simple but effective way to attract more visitors to your blog or website.

8. Participate in Facebook Group Threads

Promoting your Pins is essential in order to grow your blog or website. I have had amazing results just in participating in Facebook Group Threads. Supporting one another is a great way to grow and develop. Blog Engagement & Promoting Group has an amazing community of bloggers who are always willing to help. Being part of this group has an amazing impact to my blog.

Pinterest for business

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