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The Online Boutique That Brings The Fitting Room To Your Home

try before you buy

There is nothing quite like the pleasure of shopping. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other things that can bring you pleasure, but I should admit, buying new goodies is something I have always enjoyed doing. try before you buy

Try before you buy/ fun and easy way to shop

Fashion and finding your personal style serve only one purpose… And it is to help you find harmony and feel comfortable in your own skin. Therefore you don’t need to dress up according to trends or brands. You should focus on what makes you happy and build your self-confidence.

Whether you like the virtual online basket or real one, you like it filled up (and so do I)… But as much as I love shopping I would regret spending my weekend in the busy stores in London. Shopping should be fun and enjoyable experience but sometimes it can be kinda overwhelming.

try before you buy

I was pleasantly surprised after I got introduces to UK based fashion boutique Duchess London. The founder and managing director Mariangela D’Addato explains that her team aims to create fashion pieces for the professional women out there.

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What really caught my eye and I wanted to share with you is the brand new launch. Duchess London created “My Fitting Room” concept. The inspiration came from the professional women who are lacking of time or want to avoid the over-crowded stores.

try before you buy

try before you buy

My fitting room…

“My fitting room” service offers to you ladies to try up to three dresses of your choice in the comfort of your home before being charged for anything. You’ll have 24 hours to make up your mind. If you love any of the dresses and want to buy them, then only at this point you’ll be charged. If not, you can simply return them back.

The service is completely free of charge and the dresses of your choice will be delivered and collected by a courier. I love the whole idea behind this concept. The service is great for this time of the year as the stores become very crowded during Christmas holidays. Everybody is in the rush to purchase new outfit for the upcoming festive season. But with Duchess London you can bring the fitting room to your home.

*This post is in collaboration with Duchess London. For more information read my Disclaimer.

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