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How to boost your blog traffic by updating your old posts

boost blog traffic , update old posts

Wander how to boost blog traffic by just updating some of your old posts? If you think your old, most popular posts are buried in the internet space and all of your new readers are not able to benefit from them, you are wrong. They still have the same value as few years ago and all you need is few touches to make the best out of them.

Why and how to update old blog posts to boost blog traffic

Every once in a while, we like to re-new things in our life so we can stay up-to-date with new trends, right? I mean… who doesn’t want a new hair style or new fashion piece in their wardrobe. This is exactly what we need to do with our already published articles.

Why you need to update old blog posts to boost blog traffic

Refreshing and republishing your already existing content helps you reach new audience and boost blog traffic.

You have improved:

When I first started blogging I knew nothing. When I say “nothing” I mean absolutely nothing…  I did’t know anything about SEO ( I am still exploring this area, tho ), I wasn’t satisfied of my own photography. For the past year and a half I have been digging into the blogging tips and tricks sphere and I can honestly say I have learned quite a lot. This is one of the main reasons I began to update my old posts.

New blogging trends:

Like everything else, social media marketing also makes some changes. To consider yourself as a successful blogger you should follow the trendy stuff in the blogging industry.

As you may have noticed Pinterest has become one of the largest platforms for driving traffic to your blog. So few years ago or even a year ago, adding vertical images to your blog posts wasn’t as popular as it is today. Also adding “Tweet This” in your blog posts is something which just recently became popular and many bloggers using this plugin as a great way to increase blog post shares.

Your blog has more followers:

I posted an article a year ago and it had only few shares on social media. Last week I decided to update it… I added more content and updated my images. This post now has a couple of hundred shares which definitely helped to boost blog traffic.

boost blog traffic , update old posts

How to update old blog posts to boost blog traffic

This is what I have been doing recently to update my old blog posts so hope it is helpful

Add new content:

Writing quality content is crucial for successful blogging. The key to producing good and sharable content is reading… lots of reading. You can always benefit and gain some inspiration by reading fellow bloggers articles. I wasn’t sure how to write quality content a year ago but, like everything else, experience is very important for self-improving. Now I think I can write better articles for my readers and it is the right time for me to go back and update my old posts content.

Update your images:

Ones again, visual experience is very important in terms of successful blogging. Having crisp and bright images will make readers inspired and excited to click on your article. My photography has improved a lot for the past year and a half and readers always complimenting my images. The knowledge you have gained throughout the years of blogging can have an amazing impact and your blog can really benefit from updating your old images and making them more catch-y. It is great if you can add vertical images as they are Pinterest friendly and can really help you boost blog traffic. Don’t forget to add alt text to your images if you haven’t done it in the past. Your SEO will benefit a lot if you add alt tags to the images which is all we want, right?

Add link to related posts:

This is another trick I wasn’t familiar with. Now, I go back and add links to related posts. This is a great blogging tip to help you increase page views and engaging. It also helps to reduce your bounce rate which is always beneficial.

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Update keywords and meta description:

It is best practice if you go back and update your exciting keywords with powerful keywords to help your post rank higher in search engines (if you still don’t add keywords you should definitely consider start doing it). Great way to make your post “clickable” is to refresh your meta description. Make it appear more catchy for the readers and this can have a great impact to increasing your page views.

Republish your new blog post:

By now, you have created an amazing quality content and it is time to republish it. Before you take this action the best thing for you to do is to think of your article title. If you want to change the title to your updated post you should consider keeping the main keyword. Also do not change to URL! This is a big mistake which I have learned from in the past. If you want to use new keyword you should create a completely new article which is relevant to the one that needs refreshing. Than all you need to do is redirecting the old blog post to the now one and delete it.

Share on all social media platforms:

Now the fun part is to share your updated article on social media and see how your blog traffic increases. You see now… It is not necessary to create new content every single day. Sometimes just to update old blog posts is enough to give your audience all they need.

Do you have some more tips on how to update old blog post? Please share them with me…

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