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Valentine’s Day Makeup Picks With The Prettiest Soft Pink Hues

soft romantic valentine's day makeup ideas

Short after the hustle and bustle of Christmas is time to relax with romantic dinner, wine and rose bouquet in the month of February. Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of Spring which means it is time to update your makeup routine and prepare for the special night out. valentine’s day makeup

Valentine’s Day makeup picks with the prettiest soft pink hues

I am not that type of person who will rush to the local store on 14th to buy soft toy or mug with heart on it (seriously who actually does that unless you are teen). I am not a type who will expect flowers or the perfect dinner on this day either. Even though it is sweet people to show their attraction and love towards each other, we shouldn’t rely on just one particular day. Everyday should be that special day to show love, respect and appreciation to your loved one.

However, as a beauty and makeup lover, I find 14th of February the beginning of using more pastel and neutral colours. Valentine’s Day inspires me to create soft pink, girly looks. Also this day marks the beginning of Spring, which means time for tulips, pink lips and glow-y cheeks.


I have tried many foundations in different coverage and finishes but I always come back to NARS Sheer Glow. This is what I called true love! Considering I love to experiment with makeup and I always find new favourites, this foundation has been my go-to for years and years. It is everything my skin needs! Gentle and unscented; the coverage is light but build-able to medium. As you have already figured out by the name, NARS Sheer Glow gives dewy finish and highlights the areas of your face such as the cheekbones and the brow bones. The light reflects giving beautiful sheen. Even thought it has dewy finish, this foundation is great not only for dry but oily skin too. I have spoken to women with oily skin using this foundation and they love it. This is because it sets in place beautifully without making your skin appear oily or too shiny. NARS Sheer Glow is great choice for your natural Valentines Day makeup look. valentine’s day makeup

soft romantic valentine's day makeup ideas


Eyes is the area on your face where you want to focus on the most. Either you like minimal makeup or like to experiment, you need to use good quality and long lasting eye products for your night out.

If you like minimal makeup and you need something practical, this cream eye shadow by Burberry is the right product for you. It is the most beautiful rose gold shade with brown undertone and you can easily create beautiful look with minimal effort. I asked the lady at Burberry counter if she can recommend an eye shadow that is quick and easy to apply but still looks like I have put a lot an effort. And she picked No. 106 Pink Heater. I apply it with my fingers and then blend it with a brush. This shade creates an effortless, soft smokey eye. Pink Heater is very long lasting and does not crease. This is a must have product if you like subtle, girly eye makeup which last all day long. The shade is unique and perfect for 14th of February.

soft romantic valentine's day makeup ideas

If you want a pop of colour on your eyes but nothing too overwhelming, you need to get your hands on Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp palette. This palette contains two deep plum shades, metallic pale pink and gold glittery shade. What interesting about the eyeshadows in this palette is that they can be applied lightly for subtle soft look or they can be layered for darker, vampy look. We want to create a wearable soft look and Charlotte Tilbury eye shadows are the perfect for this purpose. They are not overly pigmented and they are very easy to apply and blend. You can use Burberry Pink Heater as a base and apply Vintage Vamp on top for beautiful Valentines Day look. valentine’s day makeup

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If you are one of those braver girls you will love this cream eye shadow by 3INA*. I feel like this makeup brand is very underrated as their cream eyeshadows and lipsticks are amazing quality and super affordable. This particular shade, that I will be definitely applying on my next night out, has no name but you can find it by its number 312. It is this gorgeous glittery rose-y shade which is perfect for dabbing it lightly on the inner corner of your eye or the mid part of your eyelid. If you want more colour payoff, you can apply few layers of this cream eyeshadow and create more of a foil effect. Once dried this eyeshadow does not budge. Your makeup looks glamorous but still kinda subtle and not “in your face”.

To line your upper lash line I recommend using Smashbox Always Sharp Kohl Eyeliner in VIOLETTA. This shade is gorgeous deep plum with semi-matte finish. Violetta is waterproof eyeliner and it is super long-lasting. It gives soft definition to your eyes. If you wish to avoid black eyeliner and you think it is too harsh for you, this Smashbox kohl is a great alternative.


There are so many bronzers on the market that need to suit your skin tone and preferences. So I am not going to talk about bronzers in this post. The two products that deserve mentioning are 3INA highlighter* and Benefit Rockateur blush. valentine’s day makeup

3INA  No.201 is one of those highlighters that give you subtle glow rather than intense shimmer. This is a gold highlighter which gives delicate sheen on my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. It has nice colour payoff,  just enough to make your makeup appear natural. 3INA No.201 will leave your skin look lit and radiant. This highlighter is great for those of you who like more natural everyday makeup and it is perfect for your romantic night out on 14th of February.

soft romantic valentine's day makeup ideas

Rockateur by Benefit is one of my all time favourite cheek products. It suites girls with pale to olive skin tone as it is this gorgeous mid tone “rose gold” blush with the most beautiful sheen. If I have to be more accurate on the description, this blush is mix of pink, brown and beige and it has satin finish. It blends beautifully giving your complexion healthy appearance and subtle sheen. The perfect shade for Valentines Day! valentine’s day makeup


Amazing Grace and Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury are the perfect lip products for this occasion. Amazing Grace is part of Matte Revolution range and it is warm choral with matte finish. If you want to go for very basic and minimal makeup on your eyes, I recommend this shade as it will give you nice pop of colour. Amazing Grace is not too orange, neither too red. It is somewhere in between, the perfect balance for girly makeup look.

Pillow Talk is also part of Matte Revolution range and it is great choice if you have “too much going on” on your eyes or simply like more neutral shades on your lips. It is described as muted, medium pink with brown undertone and it has semi-matte finish. The texture is smooth and buttery and once applied it feels very comfortable on the lips. This is one of those “your lips but better” shade and it is perfect for everyday makeup looks.

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