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How to make your blog a money-maker in 5 simple ways

how to make money from your blog

Writing a blog has come a long way from being a hobby or digital journal. It now has the potential to be a viable career path, which can be made more lucrative with additional money-makers such as sponsored posts and reseller hosting packages. ways to make money from your blog

The digital age has been a phenomenal time for many reasons. Modern technology has completely changed — and, in many ways, advanced — the way we live our everyday lives. Therefore the rise of blogging is just one example of how the digital age has created an abundance of completely new career opportunities. So how do bloggers make money?

There are a variety of ways to make money from your blog. Here are the five key options you should consider.

5 Simple ways to make money from your blog

Advertising Space

Unlike the other ways to make money on this list, advertising space is something that has been around for a long time in one form or another. In years gone by, you’d see business adverts in amongst the pages of a magazine or newspaper. Nowadays, they have a potential home on many areas of your website.

These spaces are usually reserved for a profile photo, short bio and a few quirky widgets to make your site more unique and engaging. However whether you have lots of widgets or none at all, there will be space somewhere on your blog for adverts. While you could sit around and wait for companies to come to you when your blog takes off, reaching out to businesses in your chosen niche will give you a much better chance of selling some of the space.

Sponsored Posts

Even though blogging may have started as a hobby and novelty, it has blossomed into a worldwide trend and occupation. For businesses, a blog can be a massive benefit for creative reasons and also for SEO (search engine optimisation). A consistent flow of high-quality text content (a blog) is fantastic for SEO purposes. Businesses are now very aware of how influential blog posts can be.

With that in mind, a sponsored post on your blog — promoting a company’s product or linking back to their site — has the potential to do a lot of good for their business. In turn, this will be a great opportunity for you to earn some money. That being said, it’s vital not to tarnish the quality or branding of your blog by just accepting any article because you want to increase your income.

Reseller Hosting

By now, you will be aware of web hosting: the service that gives you the web space and bandwidth to create your great blog. Another service that website hosting companies offer is reseller hosting packages. This essentially allows you to become a middleman between your web hosting company and what will now be your customers, selling hosting services on their behalf.

Reseller hosting packages can be sold with ease from your blog. This means you can operate a new business venture and create income without having to complicate things with another site. This is a great way for bloggers to add another string to their bow and diversify their brand. You also won’t have to handle of the technical nonsense or take care of maintenance. You’ll be selling their service, so it’s the web hosting company’s responsibility. ways to make money from your blog

ways to make money from your blog



Online shopping, or eCommerce, is a perfect example of how modern technology has revolutionised virtually everything we do. This has seen companies like Amazon take the retail world by storm and given birth to a generation of small businesses with access to a global market — and the ability to sell to them with ease. ways to make money from your blog

If you’re particularly creative in your spare time, the items you create (artwork, homemade jewellery, cupcakes, etc.) could be the ideal money-making extra your blog needs. Self-made items aren’t the only thing you could be selling; vintage clothing or collectable items also have the potential to be very popular.

This isn’t something you’d have to take on full-time, but it could give your blog a new niche and audience to approach, while still writing content to satisfy your loyal readership.

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Sell a Service

Aside from sending the world into a social media frenzy and introducing the phenomenon that is eCommerce, the digital age has become a breeding ground for freelancers. Statistics in 2015 revealed that 14.5% of Britain’s workforce worked on a freelance basis. Do you have a skill-set that would be useful enough for a company to pay for in a freelance role?

If the answer is yes, then your blog is the ultimate creative platform to advertise yourself and your skills as a professional. This would only require an additional page to your blog, meaning it wouldn’t monopolise the design or distract your audience from the content. It’s also worth mentioning that your LinkedIn page will prove to be an essential part of building your reputation and making contacts as a freelancer.

So there you have it: five simple ways to make more money from your blog. While some are more specific in regards to their requirements (products for eCommerce, skill-set for freelance work), others ,such as reseller hosting and sponsored posts, can be set into motion right away. With time, effort and perseverance, your blog has the potential to flourish as a brand — and make you money in the process.

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