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What is Twitter Chats And How to Use Them

twitter chats

Twitter chats and some useful tips

When I first started blogging I had no ideas what Twitter Chats are. I was curious how my blog can gain exposure and how I can connect with more people with the same interests as mine. I would spend hours searching and reading “how to” topics for bloggers. I came across some useful tips a while ago so I am sharing today how to easily be noticed out there and build friendship with fellow bloggers over the internet.

Twitter Chats build a great community for bloggers. While you participating you can chat to people in your niche and gain some new blogging knowledge. Some Twitter chats have specific topics and others are free  for everyone to share latest blog post, recent interests and all that kinda fun stuff…

At the end of each chat every blogger has a chance to share their blog link to the community. This is a great way to popularise your blog and gain more blogging friends. I have noticed that if you write a catchy message and include an image to your tweet people are more likely to click on it other than just sending the link to your blog.


Sometimes Twitter Chats can be overwhelming to keep up with all the tweets, so I found a website called TWEETCHAT.COM where you simply type the hashtag of the chat and it takes you to a live streaming page on your computer. This way is much easier to participate in the chat and not miss any tweets.

 Twitter Chat Schedule ( bare in mind that these are UK based chats so the times are in GMT )


  • #bdib: 7-8pm GMT ( for all bloggers )
  • #fbloggers: 8-9pm GMT ( for fashion bloggers)


  • #bookbloggers: 7-8pm GMT ( for book bloggers)
  • #fblchat: 8-9pm GMT ( for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers )
  • #BlogHour: 9-10pm GMT ( for all bloggers )


  • #lbloggers: 7-8pm GMT ( for lifestyle bloggers )
  • #bbloggers: 8-9pm GMT ( for beauty bloggers )


  • #crazybloggers: 7-8pm GMT ( for all bloggers )
  • #fbloggers: 8-9pm GMT ( for fashion bloggers )
  • #tbloggers: 9-10pm GMT ( for teen bloggers)
  • #USBBloggerChat: 1-2am GMT ( for all bloggers )


  • #beautychat: 7-8pm GMT ( beauty )
  • #bdib: 8-9pm GMT ( for all bloggers )
  • #sbloggers: 8-9 pm GMT ( for student bloggers )


  • #socialbloggers: 6-7 GMT ( for all bloggers )
  • #everyblogger: 7-8pm GMT (for all bloggers )
  • #tbloggers: 8-9pm GMT ( for teen bloggers )


  • #pabchat: 5-6pm GMT ( for all bloggers )
  • #lbloggers: 7-8pm GMT ( for lifestyle bloggers )
  • #bbloggers: 8-9pm GMT ( for beauty bloggers)
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Useful plugin to keep your old blog post live on Twitter is Revive Old Post Plugin for WordPress . This plugin allows you to set old posts which can automatically be sent on Twitter. This helps you to promote your content and drive more traffic to your blog. You can set a time when you want your posts to be tweeted and also you can choose if you don’t want some of your posts to be shared.

Buffer is another great marketing tool to share your blog posts. If you want to read more bout my Top Marketing Tools click here.

Also you can always use some hashtags to share your posts on Twitter. My most used are #bbloggers and #sundayblogshare (this one is great to share your content only on Sunday). There are popular hashtags for each day of the week which are very useful too. 

  • Monday


  • Tuesday


  • Wednesday

#wwwblogs (Women’s Writer Wednesday) and #BeWoW

  • Thursday


  • Friday

#BlueSkyFriday, FridayShares and #LinkYourLife

  • Saturday

#ArchiveDay (for older posts) and #WeekendBlogHop

  • Sunday


Using @femalebloggersRT, @thebloggersPost or @theblogguideRT helps your blog link to be retweeted and there is a bigger chance for people to discover your blog.

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