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5 Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change in Autumn and Winter

5 Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change in Autumn and Winter
5 Ways Your Hair-Care Routine Should Change in Autumn and Winter

Winter is the best time for coffee and warm sweaters but the weather can affect the hair and skin adversely if not properly taken care of. The dry and rough weather turns the hair into a frizz-ball if you do not change your hair care routine accordingly. Fret not! I have listed down some of the ways which can help you achieve the same glossy and healthy hair throughout Autumn and Winter. winter hair care tips

Winter hair care tips for strong and healthy looking hair

winter hair care tips strong healthy


As soon as the weather goes colder, the skin starts to crack and itch. Same is the situation with your scalp and your hair. You must add extra moisturizing ingredients to your haircare routine such as serums of jojoba and argan oil and hair masks. Also, change your shampoo and conditioner to tune in with the weather. Here is a tip: Use a hair mask on your hair and wrap them with a warm wet towel. The heat will enable the moisture to get locked up in the moisture.


Chemicals and artificial fragrances can make your hair super dry and damaged, especially when it is winters we are talking about. The alcohol and chemical infused hair products strip off the layer of natural oils. To prevent such a situation, try using organic products for hair.

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We all love highlights and sun-kissed hair in summers and they get all faded by the time winter begins. It is the time when you need to color your hair and I would suggest you to go darker. Why? Because darker tones bring more life and richness to the hair and prevent it from looking all dull and dry. So, get to the salon and choose a nice shade for your hair to tune in with the Autumn.


The greater the humidity, the heavier our hair looks. As soon as the climate goes cold, the hair goes flat due to dryness. Therefore, prevent that by investing in a good-quality hair volumiser for adding more volume boost and life to your hair throughout Autumn and Winter. winter hair care tips


All the summer activities and beach life leave your hair greasy and limp. You need a nice detox for you scalp as soon as the weather changes. For that, use a clarifying shampoo only once in 15 days. If you have dyed your hair, you might want to skip this step as the shampoo can strip the dye off your hair.

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